More fun awkward stories! post yours!

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  1. I always have a good laugh at some of these stories yall have when im trollin the forums stoned. So post some of your best awkward moments!

    I will start off.

    Long story short, I was dating this girl and ended up sneaking in her window to spend the night. Window sneaking was due to the fact that her parents and sister were home. Her dad was a cop, so I was all paranoid and shit about being caught. Anyway later that night I woke up and had to take a piss really really bad and her bathroom was across the hall. So I ended up acting like a ninja and made it to the bathroom unnoticed. I was a little stoned so I thought it might be safer and a lot quieter if I just pissed in the sink instead of the toilet. So here I am with my dick in my hand taking a glorious piss in the bathroom sink when all of the sudden the lights turn on and my GF walks in and sees me pissing in the sink...I was speechless. :confused:

    Ended up dumping her a week or two later, but every time I think about that moment it just makes me feel super awkward lol.

    Now...back to toking :smoke:
  2. You should have pee'd on her. It wouldn't have been awkward anymore
  3. I've had so many awkward moments but they're awkward to the extreme, bro. I cannot mention them.
  4. Farted in my girlfriends face when she was sucking my dick.
  5. Like a boss
  6. Now this is a story about me... it is more embarassing and awkward in my point of view but it relates to the thread so i think ill share.

    prolly about the first 3 weeks into highschool, i was a FRESHman. and i was very inmature. One day after lunch. Everybody crowds into the halls waiting for the bell to ring to begin their next class. the main hall from the lunchroom was extreamly packed. I was just minding my own business talking with my freinds when all the sudden i see out of the corner of my eye. a fairly big circle form in the middle of a crowd of highschoolers. i was curious as to what was happening. A junior comes walking in my direction... he picks me up and puts me in the middle of this circle of highschoolers. and let me tell you their were lots of them! i was more shocked. that i was literally the center of attention standing in this circle of onlookers awaiting to create some trouble. i awkwardly stood their for about 10seconds and i began to walk to the edge of the circle to make my way out of the area. i made it to the edge but then a highschooler decides to push me... and thats when it all starts... they all begin to push me around at their amusement. it was extreamly embarasing. I fall on my ass and proceed to get pushed around even more. The bell rings and the crowd clears out. i get up and proceed to find my freinds. They had seen the whole thing and really felt sorry for me. I almost cried becuase of this little event, it really ruined my day... :mad:
  7. Gotta say my most awkward moment also occurred in the hallways of high school back when I was a junior. This day I decided to come to school baked so I smoked a couple bowls of blue dream(good shit) with a friend.
    So I get through first period but I feel like shit for some reason. the room was spinning and i was just nauseous as hell so I just slept the whole time. Then I go to first period and kinda feel like imma throw up so i put my head down and sleep again.
    At the end of that class I stood up and instantly a wave of nausea..I try to make it through the crowded halls to the bathroom but I end up chucking everywhere. Several people were splattered.
    It was extremely embarrassing but luckily everyone forgot pretty quick
  8. The first time my lady had sex on her period, I had put a condom on of course, but we had to stop because:

    1: I went in too far
    2: The condom smelled like blood and lube, :cool:

    Needless to say the shower was nice afterwards.

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