MORE fraud found in UN's IPCC AR4, entire document now in question

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sir Elliot, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Mods. normally I know cross-posting isn't allowed, but since this issue really is both very political and very scientific, I hope that you'll allow the two threads to stand, one as a political discussion the other as a scientific discussion.


    Now that scientists are no longer in constant fear of retaliation from the Global Warming Gestapo, the errors in IPCC's AR4 are being revealed fast and furious, and the UN can barely keep up with the retractions it is being forced to make.

    This makes 3 just this week.

    What ever happened to the peer review process? The entire AR4 was supposed to be the best peer reviewed science available... and now we're suddenly finding out that huge portions were never peer reviewed at all, they just fit the political ideology that the Global Warming Alarmists wanted to advance and so they stuck it in and refused to allow objections or dissenting voices.

    Science at work!

    More here:

    Hot Air » Blog Archive » More bogus AGW information in IPCC report?

    Can we call it a hoax yet?
  2. Are we really resorting to blogs now?
  3. The blog post links to MSM articles, and source alone is not enough to discredit the information present.

    Source alone is only enough to discredit scientific information, since it is held to a higher peer review standard.

    Of which the IPCC's AR4 failed to meet and lied about.

    Evaluate the claims on their own merit.

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