More Contests! Need Ideas

Discussion in 'General' started by ganjalover17, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Does anyone else think that GC should have more contests? I couldn't find anything too fun to read about in the forum for the 2nd straight day... so i'm wondering maybe GC should make some more contests? Not only will more people come visit this site but GC can prolly get some more sponsors so they won't be the ones losing money on giveaway gifts. Imagine having a contest every month..... so many people would try to win and it would raise the competition to the new level!

    So heres some ideas about contests.. plz add whatever thoughts/ideas you got!

    - Best homemade smoking device

    - Whoever creates a thread with most views in a month wins a prize! (nothin big)

    - Best looking non-edited photograph

    *That's all i got.. my computer is becomin very slow so i'll just post this before mozilla closes...

    i'm sorry for writing this thread if its really stupid lol
  2. for me theres always something fun to read on the forums because i can relate to many of the stories. BUT contests sound really fun i like the idea for image contests maybe different catagories smoking/plant/nature and let the winner grab some papers or something
  3. ya.. see.. wouldnt surfing a bunch of kick ass pics of amazing shit b fun as hell..
  4. yaa contests would be fun

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