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  1. OK- here is my 2nd crop. I got the seeds from D.P. Blueberry- the seeds were feminized so all three should be girls. One is like a dwarf plant but has the same amount of branches just not near as tall. WTF I'll try to flower it any way. Today will be the start of 12/12 cycle I'll keep posting pic's. as they get bigger. I did take 16 starts for my next batch.

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  2. and another

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  3. number 3

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  4. Lookin good man, keep up the good work. BTW wat kind of light are you using?
  5. I have two 3' dbl set up each with 1 worm wht & 1 cool wht flo'sin a space about 1x4x4 I wanted max lumes.

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