More big government nonsense, new video game warning labels!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tripace, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. So they want to rename the rateing system... If your an adult, who cares?
  2. if everyone had the internet we wouldnt need it cuz parents can look games up online .. im not saying we need it , i would let a 5 yr old play modern warfare , but thats what its for
  3. It's bullshit wasteful spending by the government when our economy is in need of rebuilding, not waste. We're going bankrupt as a nation, and they're just proposing more nonsense bills that serve no practical purpose.
  4. They just want a means to tell which games have 'girls' with nice tits in them...;)
  5. Killing pixel players is IMMORTALLY WRONG, I SAY! They have lives, you know! OH WHY CAN"T WE THINK OF OUR CHILDREN!
  6. Eh, everything has warning labels now adays.
  7. A health warning for a video game? Is there really nothing better congress could be doing right now?

    I guess I really should be that surprised.... after all we are talking about congress.
  8. Video games are bad, mmm'kaay.
  9. Killing millions of people in real life, in a never-ending state of warfare: moral duty
    Killing fake people in videogames: morally reprehensible
  10. I wouldn't care if it was based off of conclusive data, but their studies sound anything but conclusive lol. Dumbasses sure spend some more money we dont have haha.
  11. It's just a random bill proposed by 2 people...... it said it's happened before in the past and always gets rejected..... it doesn't have much to do with big government.... it's democracy in action....... it will get rejected again. also who goes to msnbc for news?
  12. This is pretty ignorant....I love war games...but I am pro-peace.....
    but its fun if its just a game...
    This is you are brought up, your morals and life experiences will determine how violent you are as a person.

  13. well....ya...sometimes they are needed...check mine for instance...:rolleyes:
  14. But...but think of the children!
  15. GTA always makes me want to input the cop away cheat code IRL.
  16. It always makes me want to just floor the gas pedal and rear end the pole smoker that cuts me off when I'm doing 50 in the left lane and he cuts in and wants to go 45.:mad:

    I need an MMJ card cause that's the only thing that makes me a calm driver, otherwise I guarantee some stupid mofo is gonna do something to make me pull out my gun and use it one of these days.:eek:

    At least when I've been smoking or vaping, I like to drive in the slow lane and only go at or no more than 5 over the speed limit, and other traffic doesn't worry me. :smoke:
  17. People don't want to be sword.
  18. They are usually going slower then you because they are busy talking on the phone.:rolleyes:

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