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  1. Currently at the attitude here is how you can get the most freebie beans along with your order. I would always suggest placing the full $195-$200 order to automatically start off with the AT's 5 free UFO seeds.

    Mosca Seeds Promo Buy one regular pack get a 5 pack mystery (TrainwreckX)

    Cali Connection Promo buy one reg 10 pack get 5 pack free of Jamaican D x

    Paradise Promo buy any flavor and recieve 3 free Fem Pandora & Paradise Pin Badge

    DNA Promo#1 buy either Sleestack, Kandy Kush, OG, Skunk Cross and get 13 free Afghani seeds

    DNA Promo#2 Buy any of these packs: Dna Cataract Kush fem 6, Dna Sleestack fem 6, Dna Cannadential reg 13 and receive Reserva Privada Confidential Cheese fem 6 absolutely FREE and a free DNA lighter.

    More Beans for the Buck GooD LucK and Happy Shopping.
  2. I got the free afghani seeds from DNA awhile back and I'm already smoking my harvested plants. Of the 6 females I got, there was 1 amazing pheno of Afghani that had a shimmer to all the nugs.. Trichomes fully surrounding every calyx to the point there was almost more trichs on a calyx than calyx itself. Pistils covered in brushed off trichomes.. So I kept a clone of that because it was something special. Rolling some up now and my girl is begging me to keep rolling and not reply to this post. :O
    I took advantage of the Cali Connection one and so far All the jamaican d crosses have sprouted with a uniform look, theres sweet earthy smells coming from them already I can barely wait.
    I'm gonna take advantage of the Mosca Seeds promo tonight and I can vouch for Female Seeds strains that are the UFO's. I've grown out bubblegummer and friends have grown other strains with 100% females and truly exceptional plants. A value even when you gotta pay for it.
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    That's awesome with the Afghani pheno:smoke:. I ended up doing 2 different orders of the Kandy Kush/Skunk X and the Sleestack/Skunk X. Got 26 'Ghani beans on the wait, yet to run those. I was thrilled to see that the 'Ghani stock is taken from the Mazar region so that pretty much ensures a tru Land race, great breeding stock. Mosca I went with the C-99 and got a Arcata TW x OTM(yet to find out what the OTM is) 5 pack. Glad to see i'm not alone is stoping by Attitude on a daily basis. Bleeding edge beans. Peace 2 all.

    ** BTW 420report,, sent you a buddy invite if you care to buddy me up, I always come with good Karma :D**

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