More Americans over age 50 are smoking marijuana than ever be

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    for so many years of support and encouragement, I failed to deliver so much as a dime bag.
    "You didn't say no," my mother recalled the other day, "but you didn't say yes. It was clear that you were very hesitant about this." After a moment, she added: "You didn't give off positive vibrations."

    best part of the article and its at the beggining

    "There are about as many boomers using cannabis today as there are high-school students doing the same." very interesting if true would be a great talking point about legalization

    61 year old barbara- "I like to smoke at home and just relax," she says. "Sometimes I'll get on my treadmill; sometimes I'll get out my guitar; sometimes I'll just watch Desperate Housewives and giggle."

    i should just qoute this whole article i love this article its great..
  2. yay for the 70's hippies!
  3. "The "puff daddy" movement"

  4. Thats what the gov gets for saying stupid shit like: "The weed today isnt your grandfather's weed, its 20x more potent!"

    Little did they know that your grandfather probably then thought "Damn, weed got THAT much better? Well I got to try this new shit out..."

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