Morality in a context of economic policy

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by H2O420, May 7, 2011.

  1. What dictates a moral standard in a secular nation if not the guidelines for the fair exchange of goods?
  2. There is something to do with mirror neurons and the empathy we feel and ultimately the moral standards we take as individuals. Another "thing" that dictates moral standard in a secular nation would be the institutions in place where one is born. What causes that is social interaction brought to you by consciousness, evolutionary traits, and neuronal mechanism that underlie our consciousness.
  3. Empathy, physical and mental wellness?
  4. An individual's own sense of right and wrong, what they would or wouldn't do, in any given circumstance. True morality isn't based on instruction, understanding or fear, it's far more profound than that. The sense of connectedness that allows you to feel that what you do to others you really do to yourself.

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