Morality and Science

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    "Consider the simplest statement of scientific fact: waters is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. This seems to be as value-free a statement as human beings ever make. ...

    What if someone says 'I'm a biblical chemist and I read Genesis 1 and see that God created water before he created light. ... So therefore there were no stars to fuse hydrogen and helium into heavier elements like oxygen. ... Either there's no oxygen in water, or God made special oxygen, and I don't believe He'd do that because that would be biblically inelegant.'

    All we can do is appeal to scientific values. If a person doesn't share those values, the conversation is over. We must appeal to the value of understanding the world. ...

    If someone doesn't value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide that proves they should value it? If someone doesn't value logic, what logical argument could you invoke to prove that they should value logic?"

    So I'm watching this video. I was reminded of this forum and the various opponents of logic that sometimes post here. I guess I thought we could use a post with a counter-point to the spamming of scammy nonsense and propaganda videos that have been something of a catalyst lately.

    ps. Yes, I know I'm the antichrist for watching a video with Richard Dawkins in it.
  2. 1 hour n 17 minutes, kinda long.

    Is ur post a sum up of wht he says?
  3. The Indian girl at the end was sort of dumb. It actually felt like many of the people simply didn't pay attention to his talk and restated questions which he already touched on if not dealt with completely. :/

    Sam is quite possibly one of the most lucid minds on the planet.
  4. Sam Harris is dope. :smoke:

    I'll watch this as soon as I put on a pot of coffee.
  5. such a great quote for use in a religious argument. thats essentially the missing link in an ongoing christianity debate i've been having with a friend. thank you.
  6. My quote is an edited section around the climax of his remarks. The remarks last for about half an hour, and then there is a discussion about morality and various moral dilemmas that is interesting.
  7. Little does Sam know, he's mistaken about the objective nature of morality, or even the objective nature of diction. If only some of our wiser scholars on this forum could set him straight, he'd regret wasting his life on that PhD and BA.
  8. haha i love richard dawkins

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