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Moral stories

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by telluride toker, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. A woman came with her son to see Ghandi.
    She said, "Ghandi, please, tell my son to stop eating sugar." Ghandi replied, "Come back in two weeks."
    "But, we've travelled a long way and-"
    "Come back in two weeks."
    The woman comes back in two weeks and asks Ghandi again, "Ghandi, please tell my son to stop eating sugar."
    Ghandi looks into the boy's eyes and says, "Stop eating sugar."
    "Oh, thank you, thank you. But, why couldn't you have told him that before?"

    "Two weeks ago, I was eating sugar."
  2. thats great!

    i'm going to have to try to remember that one for the next time i witness someone behaving like a hypocrit.

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