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  1. Alright grasscity.. I have a moral dilemma on my hands.
    There's this couple that I know. We hang out every so often, just to shoot the shit and yada yada.

    Well, this couple recently announced to me that they're going to have a baby soon. So of course, I congratulate them. Now, here's where the dilemma lays. This girl is still smoking cigarettes, and get this.. she's doing hard drugs. I'm not going to go into specifics because it's against the rules, but all you need to know is it's a hard drug.

    Now, I don't think she's going to try to quit anytime soon. Obviously she doesn't care about the consequences, or she's completely oblivious to the consequences. Either way, it doesn't matter. I'm one of the select few people who knows she is pregnant. I'm highly against her actions, but then again, I've been friends with her since.. well, childhood.

    So, put yourself into my shoes.
    If you knew this was happening, what would you do?
    I have no idea what to do. I feel like it's none of my business, then again, that baby deserves a fair chance at life.

    Mind you, this girl is very.. oblivious. She thinks she's a princess and always has to get her way.
  2. If she was my good childhood friend I'd tell her to cut that shit out immediately and seek help. That will fuck up the child sooo much and it will be born addicted to all the substances she is abusing. (Happened to a good friend of mine)

    I hope she finds strength enough to do it if not for herself, than for the kid.
  3. so sad, i would probably nonchalantly say, "you think thats any good for the baby? The crucial beginning forming stages of life?"
  4. Too bad this is going to get deleted eventually..I hope you get enough opinions before someone sweeps through and trashes this thread.
  5. Believe me, I straight up told her to quit that shit, and she just rolls her eyes at me. I really have no clue on what to do. She's a lost cause..
  6. I agree with LSD. It may not be your place to tell her how to raise a child, but if its safety is a risk (a large one in this case) then it should at least be brought to her attention. If she's going to be a mother, then shit's DEFINITELY not always gonna go her way. Better to learn that sooner than latrr.
  7. Then there's nothing you can do right now but hope for the best :(
  8. She's likely going to lose the baby to social services... I'd try to get that angle going as well. You're gonna have to convince the boyfriend first, and then have you both gang up to convince the girl.

    If she's already a few months pregnant then the damage is probably already done

  9. Unbelievable........Ignorant, doesn't even deserve to be able to bring life into this world.
    No offense to your friend OP.
  10. Ugh... I'm so torn. I feel so bad for the baby :(
    Get this, she cares enough to get a job to be able to support the baby, but she won't quit the drugs.. Like.. what the fuck? This bitch pisses me off so fuckin' much.
  11. Does she know she can get into legal trouble? Like when she gives birth, if the baby is born addicted or with any birth defects, she can be charged with something, I forget the term. Fetal endangerment I think?
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    My mother never smoked cigarettes when she was pregnant with me, but she did smoke weed. Thankfully, that was all she did with me and my brother.

    Unfortunately, she -did- do some bad, illegal stuff with my sister at least a few times.

    I was taken away from her at age 3, my brother at 6, and my sister when she turned 6.

    My brother and I are doing fine, and are both going to college.

    My sister, however, has severe ADHD, can't focus on much of anything, makes snap decisions, has already stolen cars at the age of 14, and is now in a behavior rehabilitation center. She's a very sweet girl to those she cares about (which is unfortunately a very very select few) so it's not like she's just an evil egg or anything.

    I'm not saying it's because of the drugs (I have no proof of that) but it does seem a little odd, doesn't it?

    Now, not only is the baby in danger, but so is the mother. Chances are the doctors will notice something is up. A cousin of mine was addicted to a perscription pill she didn't have a perscription for and when her baby was born, it was too. We didn't even know until the doctors called in social services. It got taken away from her and she's never going to be able to get full custody now.

    Ask her if the risks are worth the reward. If she continues to refuse, I'd report it... If you're doing hard drugs when your baby is still in you & developing, what's going to make you stop when you actually need to be a parent?

    Trust me, the child will resent her just as much as you do if somebody doesn't step in, and that won't end well for anybody.
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    I didn't know that, and I'm sure she doesn't either. I'm not going to tell her.
    If she decides to keep on doing drugs, then she can deal with the consequences. Fuck her. I just wish I could do something to make her stop.

    Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. :( What an experience to go through.
    Thank you for the sound advice. I'll mention the risks to her once again, but if she just brushes them off, who can I report her to?

    & Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't think she's going to stop. She's 'tried' many times before and has failed all of them. I don't know why the stupid bitch thought it would be ok to get pregnant while she's in this condition. Ughh.

    Nothing! And that's what I'm scared of. I don't want this baby to turn out to be a lost cause. That's absolutely horrible. It deserves better than what this stupid bitch is going to give it.
  14. Maybe I missed it earlier, but what is the father doing to try and stop any of this?
  15. Nothing!!!!! He does the same thing as her. They're both addicted to hard drugs.
    Neither one of them gives a fucking shit. I'm the only one who does, and honestly, I couldn't give a flying fuck about them. I only care for the unborn child.
  16. That's terrible to hear. Report it to the local authorities at least. They'll know what to do
  17. Honestly, I'm not one to go to the authorities. However, I will do it if I have to. I'd like to atleast get a list of options I could go over before I consult the authorities.
  18. Yeah me neither, but honestly that is what they're there for. If you take action you could be the one to save that baby's life
  19. Wow. Wake up call.
    I'm so.. ugh. I never thought I would turn on my childhood friend.
    But to save the babies life, maybe I have to. Wow... I don't even know.
    I'm so torn, heartbroken, confused, angry.. sigh. :(
  20. I know man. I'm in no way trying to lay a guilt trip on you. You're in an impossible situation. But turning em in is tough love. Not only will it possibly save the child but maybe it just might get them back on the right track

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