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  1. Hi
    I have seem to come across. 6 mg's of pill form morphine. How much should i take. what should i expect?
  2. 6mgs? Never heard of one of those... that'd be really small. Smallest I've ever seen was a 10mg and 30's are more common. So unless it's some special thing I don't even know if it would do much for you, but just crush the fucker up and toot it. :)
  3. just know that morphine is the most addictive drug i have ever used... i always tell people to be careful with it... yes, i am your mommy! ... anyhoo, i got SERIOUSLY addicted to it
  4. i've only had morphine once, and in lolly pop form....... they were awsome, they made you or just numb to everything....
  5. yeah like dude said just be carefull, morphine is VERY VERY addictive... I have a family member who had to go to rehab for morphine addiction, lost his job too and is banned from ever working in that line of work again.

    Anyways have fun just be extra carefull.
  6. I would never do any drug to the point where i cant say no more. except weed ;) Well my grandmother died and she left all of her morphine and tylenol 3's behind. (she was in pain she had cancer. N e wayz my aunts took the t3's and me and my cousin took 8 morhpine pills each. We took one the night we got em and my whole body was like totally numb. she had those 10mg vials of morphine but i dont go any where near neadles. yeah but n e wayz i just wanted to know if i should take more because everyone says that when your on morphine you like dont know wich way is up and shit. I just had numb body. I still have the pills and am waiting for some info. peace

    p.s on a personal note my gramdmothers funeral was beatiful. hahaha never thought i had it in me to cry my eyes out. But it brought me and my family together. The whole 3 dayz i was up there my aunt and cousins got me high the whole time, heck im baked outta my tree now, i just bought and eigth of premo bud.
  7. just so u know i have 6 pills wich are 1mg each.
  8. are you sure they arent 10mg?
  9. smack replaces the bodies natural pain killer so you need it cause your lazy body wont produce any more.i picked up withdrawal symptoms after sitting in the same car a smack smoker for 30 mins a day for five days..anyway id mix it with some coke and toot..
  10. first, I thought it was endorphines with an e (I'm anal about little things like that for some reason so don't feel bad)

    second, extacy will fuck with your endorphines, but I didn't know morphine would, too. Of course, I've never really thought about doing morphine since I try to stay away from hard drugs. I don't want to do any serious damage to myself.
  11. i looked into the facts to see what exactly my mate was going through.basicly it said life is pain just moving is grinding bones cartalidge muscles n shit so when you feed the stuff in your body stops producing cause it dont have to thats why that cold turkey stuff is shit the pain has to get high enough to kick start production again.
  12. im not sure about pills, but DAMN is that IV hospital shit good!!!
  13. hell yea when I had surgery to remove my wisdom teeth I remember seeing the iv go in and before I knew it the walls started to like melt and I woke up and it was finished heh
  14. yeah thats kind of scary cause I think about it now and again. like, man that was a killer feeling! hmmm...lemme just break another ankle..
  15. my friend is prescribed 30's and he says they fuck him up good.. i dunno about 10's.. im sure they will do something
  16. my mom has a prescription to morphine and to oxycodones, ive stolen my share of the oxys, morphines never did anyrthing too me.

    i havent been there to check for a whiel, but i dont think shes got those anymore.

  17. sorry to dispute you man.. . no offence intended. im just trying to save your ass. Its people who think like this that get addicted to shit WAY more easily than anyone else. I've seen it a dozen times. fuck man... it happened to me.

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