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  1. Anyone ever thought about being a moonshiner... I think it is hella cool...I kno lots of ppl that buy it over Taxed alcohol.....any thoughts?
  2. I'd do it if i had the proper stuff for it and the space. Or a place out in the woods to put everything.
  3. lol.... moonshine... thats just funny... hah... maybe if ia was a barefoot shirtless fat redneck wearing overalls with one broken strap... maybe then i would be a moonshiner...
  4. Man easy, your knocking an art that has been a part of american culture far longer than the redneck. Moonshine is nothing to be prejiduce about. It'll fuck you up, it sure as hell aint prejiduce.
  5. Ya know anything about makin it?
  6. all ya need is a still, some corn (or corn meal), water, sugar, and about 2-4 months to jus chill and wait around..
  7. getting/making the fucking still is a pain in the ass--but if your interested in making a still out of normal shit from the hardware store check out for advice/help.


  8. ...i didnt know there was so much behind it mustard... movies have twisted my ideas about moonshine i guess.....
  9. I can still buy mmonshine around here.. Nothing better if it is prepared right, and nothing worse if it isn't...

    I have drank my share of moonshine over the years.. So smooth that you think it's water and then bang, you can't hardly move...
  10. That'd be pretty damn fun, I think.
  11. i think id rather grow pot or boomers
  12. Probably an idiot question.. but moonshining is illegal right?
  13. wat is moonshine?
  14. mooneshine is illegally made liquor,quite a worthy tradition,I think. I have seen plans for stills and actually Kno of several places which would be a good base of operations,If I git enough freetime from my current progect,I am willing to atleast try and do a run,any ideas,comments,crictisim?
  15. im with you man! i've wanted to moonshine since i was like 11
  16. Right on Any suggestions on like different kinds of moonshine tho like cherry mash and so farth?
  17. all moonshine really is is %100 alcholol. (etyl (sp)--the kind you can drink)
    my dad used to drink straight etyl alcholol back in his college years. So basically that would be moonshine.

    Theres all sorts of stuff thats different then moonshine that still has the same proof content as moonshine--
    the fruits or whatever made the alcholol are just fremented longer-

    Theres TONS of reading on this topic of moonshine, alcholol, and other related stuff on

  18. First off moonshine isnt just corn as a base. you can make it out of wheat, rye, grapes, ect. Next good moon shine truly good moonshine is at least 170 proof. its smooth and it will tear your world up. The quality of shine also depends on how many passes through the still its put through. If you can crank high proof with one pass thats decent shine. and you dont necicarily have to have a big space for a still I have a stove top still that will make an ounce an hour. its all about knowing what y our doing when it comes to shine. I wouldnt advise trying it if you dont know what your doing because stills have a nasty tendancy to explode. I only know so much because my Grandfather was one of the best shiners of all time. So good in fact the US goverment sent him to germany to teach the germans to make gasahol like he was making. 170 proof at one pass through the still
  19. I made some choke cherry wine and some blueberry wine. Both taste really good. Not realy big on wine I like hard stuff. If you do make some moonshine be careful how strong you get it.
    You can buy wine making kits but you can't sell it. ielegal.

    Theres people that have gone blind from it.

    For people in the u.s. just watch the history channel. they always have stuff about moonshiners. thats how nascar started.
  20. I brew my own beer and wines, and have a still that i havent used in a while..moonshining is definately a comitment

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