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  1. Ok, I don't drink. However, I live pretty much down the street from the place known as the "Moonshine capital of the world" (Franklin Co., VA). Google it broham.

    Anyway, I've seen the effects of Moonshine, and it gets you more fucked up off of one shot than any other alcohol I've seen. Actually, for most people, all it takes is one shot to get off your ass.

    Anyone ever dabble in this shit?

    Lol, I'm posting a lot, but I'm still wide awake from some addies and I'm wasting time, lulz.
  2. i dunno up here in canada we got everclear wich is 95% alcohol so its pretty much the legal moonshine... and let me tell you the second that liquid hits your tongue your whole mouth goes numb, 2-3 shots and your gonna be feelin pretty good, but your gonna wake up feeling pretty bad
  3. Yeah, I've seen Everclear around here...

    But moonshine, man... That's some crazy shit. If I was really into drinking, I'd need to get me some. But I'd much rather chill on some herb or put some percs into my body, haha.
  4. yeh dude ... if you do end up drinking that shit, dont be concerned if you have the sudden urge to blow shit up and fight everone you see
  5. I've had straight up and some that was supposedly "blueberry" flavored.
    If it's good stuff it wont burn too long, shouldnt leave a bad after taste, and 2-3 shots and a joint will have you as chilled as it gets.

    Moonshine is great if you dont over do it. I recommended spacing shots out 10 mins or so if you have little to no experience to prevent alcohol poisoning. Give it that 10 mins and when it kicks in you'll thank god you didn't keep taking shots.
  6. Haha, if I ever have the urge to try it I'll keep that in mind.

    Yeah, I've had close family that have come home after having way too much moonshine... And well, they do want to fight, haha. He also fell and busted his eye pretty bad... Yelled a bit, but I don't know whether that was pain or just because he felt like it. He's one of those drunks you don't really want around.
  7. I've had 196 proof West Virgina Creek Water. It was amazingly smooth. Didn't have enough to get smashed, I only had 2 shots. It was enough to get hot under the collar though. I've also done 198 proof slivovitz, Polish plum spirit. It was one of the sweetest most delicious things I've ever drank, alcoholic or not. Shine is some of the best stuff I've ever had;however, you shouldn't drink any that you don't trust. Make sure you really know the person you're getting it from, and if you can watch them drink it ;).
  8. I've personally never drank it but my friends dad used to work in West Virginia and came home with a milk jug full because it only cost him 5 bucks..... i loled
  9. Shit is craaaazy. This was quite a while ago but one night I was drinking moonshine and taking xanax. Friend told me she'd mix me up a drink, but I swear she just put in a tiny bit of lemonade to change the color. Drank it anyways. Was trying to walk home and just fell forward into the snow. I think someone pushed me becaues I heard laughing and said some shit like "ni hao" so I yelled back "IT'S KONNICHIWA MOTHERFUCKER." (I'm Korean and neither of those phrases are Korean) And then I got up and kept walking. I was angry and wanted to fight, but I don't trust myself to do something like that while my head isn't straight. But then as I thought about it more, I wasn't sure if I was pushed or if I was screaming at myself in the middle of the night. To this day, I'm not sure if I was just being drunk or if I actually got pushed.
  10. I've had it like once. Nasty stuff. But I had the truest moonshine, still had a piece of the log at the bottom of the jar.

    It tasted and smelt like paint thinner if I remember correctly. And totally different experience than Everclear, something about how it's distilled, while Everclear is just pure grain alcohol.
  11. lol how do you know how paint thinner tastes like? haha
  12. I hate it. Its the only liquor that me and my roommate avoid in our cabinet. Its horrible. It tastes bad, it smells bad, it gives you a hangover, it overpowers mixed drinks. Its gross. I dont care if it fucks you up, you can drink MORE of something less powerful for the same result.

  13. thats why me and my homies call it hard times,lol. You gotta have some hard times to drink it. Cause your right it never really tastes that great although i have had some that has been extremely smooth and tasted good. thats hard to find though, i still got a swallow in my closet right now. saving it for, once again, hard this stuff is extremely smooth, my bro told me it was like drinkin grey goose then called it weak, but he was already plastered, crazy sumabitch. $25 for almost 2 liters, cant beat Lafayettes finest.Rofl
  14. Dale gribble only drinks on Alamo Beer. ahahahaha.

    I get shine from WV every now and again, mainly strawberry. Sometimes i get a jar of blueberry or blackberry.

    Last time i drank it, i was piss drunk already and my buddy was like "dude, lets go out the the garage and grab that jar you brought" And of course my drunk ass was like "OK" So, we end up going out there with these two chicks and start taking shots. Ended up lying in the grass with one of the chicks for like 3 hours. Woke up alone and cold, was like WTF.

    Good night though.

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