Moonshine Inc

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  1. We love moonshin’. There ain’t nothin’ better than good booze. In Appalachia,
    we know it well. We’ve got moonshine in our blood - in the case of some old-timers,
    maybe even literally. We love to talk about likker, make it, drink it all day long
    - and we love to share it too! How 'bout that, my gaming friend?

    Out today, Bored with weed? try likker like in the days of grandfather, a buddy bounces
    in blabbering about a booze game to a serious stoner,, yeah ok

    the tutorial; like we need one, is as tough as hell, it needs a re vamp, but other than
    that I wish it was about weed, after playing all those poor weed games
    this could work well if adapted to 11Gb.

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  2. Lol You Sure Do Find Some Unique Games Out There Vee ;)

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  3. just played some, and all the stuff is in metric, kilograms and liters
    those in the republic of Appalachia, better know their metric
    I can't seem to change to pounds and pints

    maybe a steam move for the euro market? ... but na
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