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Moonshine Fuel Everything? Eco, Green Houses...

Discussion in 'General' started by My Elysium Trips, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. #41 My Elysium Trips, Apr 16, 2018
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    Everyone Declare -

    I'm a Native American! This is America's Country to Natives Living here Only

    If you Have a Birth Certificate - Congratulations, We All are Native Americans. Now! Nobody Should Respect Any Authority over Then Besides Inalienable RIGHTS! Anyone assaulting people. Use RIGHTS proportionally to the Threat! I'd shoot a B & E Police if Violating myself! No Doubt! F 'eM

    Or, Don't Pay Taxes to Antibody. Live Free or Die.

    I've got Catnip Plant, in my Tea too.

    Fresh Catnip. Supposedly a Medicinal or Holistic Herb, too. And Organic Insect Repellent.

    Check it out. I'm growing my own. Heh

    My Elysium Trips
  2. Okay, & I'm harassing you by following you around...? Hmmm...?

    You're calling me a troll for defending my own thread...?

    Who do you think you are?

    Your Words show your Logic & such. Hipocracy, etc..

    I'm not in 'your' Thread, correct?

    Look. Don't try to fight me. Ask questions only. Or, Try to research yourself.

    I'm not going to spoon feed everyone

    If you're left behind

    These people Need to Catch Up themselves . Or ask others about thing's you guys are curious about

    I wouldn't write Something Objective about Science / Nature, without being honest or at least open minded about what I'm asserting

    So. Nothing personal. Don't fight with me.


    My Elysium Trips
  3. How Many People Today can Say -

    That They -

    Have More Money than God?

    My Elysium Trips
  4. I think your ideas would be better received if you had a more coherent pattern of text. You strike me as someone who delves deep into whatever subject you are researching, but it is very hard to follow your thought process with the way you are explaining yourself. And when asked legitimate questions you tell them not to worry or that it doesn't matter? And that we need to research on our own etc etc...idk man doesn't seem like much discussion here just you telling us things that we can barely conceptualize due to your limited text and then being short with those who have chosen to reply.
    And to answer your question, God has no need for riches, money and wealth are an invention of man and therefore we are all monetarily richer than God.
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    Like Washington & Abe Lincoln


    My Elysium Trips
  6. What if Every American Demanded Silver for Each Dollar. Like Pre Federal Reserve? Then Take Silver at Pre 1913 Prices! And Gold, too. Demand that!

    $1 in Paper Notes would Equal a Troy Oz?

    1k Dollars would Equal 1k Troy Oz of Pure 99.9% Silver!

    Please debate. I'm not Sure What would happen.

    If a Dollar back in 1912, what kind of Silver that Would Buy Each Person in Oz's?

    Or, We should demand Pre 1913 Monetary System's!

    Anything else is Unconstitutional!

    We have Unconditional Rights per Creator!

    My Elysium Trips
  7. Okay, I understand your sentiments.

    No Doubt.

    But honestly, Do you honestly believe, I need explicitly Reiterate Everything I've Mentioned, Uncurtailed, each time I post about them?

    I am not going to baby sit people.

    They don't Need to Understand

    They might Need only a seed to see & believe

    I'm not getting Paid for anything I type online. I also Only have been getting 10 gigabytes of data per month, at best. And I Honestly would rather work on other things than Ad Nauseam Reiterations.

    In other words, I can be the Impetus to have Countless Strive for my Public Disclosures. And then ask those Astute or Knowledgeable about what I've already said. I'm only one person. Candidly.

    Ask people who know ME. Neva, Live, Love, Baptist guy

    My Elysium Trips
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    Look, I've been publicly Talking on Cannabis forums since about 11 or so years ago.

    I am not guilty if I've been publicly posting most Everything I can, on the Internet.

    Why would I be to blame for your lack of understanding?

    Haven't I basically been giving all my Knowledge & such, freely away online since over a decade ago?

    I was Walking on Water, prior to that Point in 2007. Then in Like 2007, my Anonymous Avatar on Cannabis Horticulture site. Basically.

    It's not tough to guess Who...

    My Elysium Trips
  9. Now, many people are going to be in the proverbial movie called -

    The Fifth Element

    Or, a bunch of Stuff to Download from me, thanks to Heavens Providence. So I had Opportunities to give away Globally, Publicly, Simultaneously, What I've actually been trying to day. Etc. Kind of Worrying tho, the epic- ness- monster. Heh.

    In other Words. I'm not looking for anything from anyone in Particular. But I am looking for thing's in People. Like...

    Like, What Can They Do to Improve themselves & World at Large?

    And, I give assignments freely away, because I'm Inquisitive Mind. Hence, I ask & some might Also be curious & research.

    But, I am only one individual person body. I wish I could type even faster on my phone. Then they would Insinuate I'm a Troll for typing more. Or, I'd be Assaulted if I had the Capabilities to type on Laptop with all fingers. Because, I'm always another -

    Broken Records

    My Elysium Trips
  10. Organs you say, more Like the Digestive System

    If David had Wind in His bag, What did Adam see

    Thomas Edison was a man, Power of course

    Channeling is for Rivers no?

    Spectrums of Energy, A garden Does Grow

    J Evergreen
  11. I have no idea what is going on in this thread lol

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  12. I'd feel safe assuming OP has some sort of mental illness and is in a manic phase, doing misc drugs, and believing his ideas are soooooooo profound.

    Because we're stoners, he believed we're hippies who would stroke his ego, because we didn't his long, incoherent posts are more like a way of masterbating his ego.
  13. I'll be blunt -

    I was Wondering if you were an Old Friend Johnny Organic

    Maybe a Corn COB hippie I met in 2012.

    If your not said Person.

    Please forgive my testing of New Forum WaTer. Or, I'm echolocating which people on here I know -


    Who wouldn't know by now?

    My Elysium Trips
  14. Hmm.

    I know a Stoner relative who I used to Live with, Lived same Complex as a Child. I bet she Grows


    My Elysium Trips
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    Heh. Okay

    Now... you Win!

    Whatever you say!

    Are you a Naught?

    My Elysium Trips
  16. No sir, I am not. I have in fact seen his posts before though if we are talking of the same person.

    An old friend will show when he is least expected. Maybe you'll see him soon.

    Sorry if I've been an inconvenience. Just curious is all.

    J Evergreen
  17. #57 My Elysium Trips, Apr 16, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
    Inconvenienced? Don't be foolish about something like that. What's another Monkey name for "Curious?" I cannot make People see clearer...

    Listen. It's okay for you to be another Johnny. I'm testing Water for EchoLocation

    I've already discovered some people I know / knew

    Anyways, What else Better do I Have to do? Not much

    Anyways. I'm not looking for Anyone in particular. I'm playing mental games to try to locate Friends / Acquaintances of Nevaeh420, on This Growing Forum

    No worries. I'm practicing Astral Projections, or ESPN Games

    My Elysium Trips

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