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Moon rocks

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Flamo Jamo, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. does anybody know where I could find moonrocks?. I saw and read about it online and the appearance of the nugs looks amakzing. If you have tried it. What was your experience? Did you roll it up, use a bong.
  2. I had some from my dealer but I doubt he has some and you wanna come to Germany. I rolled them in a joint but lost a lot of kief in the process. Best is to break off a small piece and smoke it in a bong
  3. In the U.S., I'd say dispensaries are your best bet... I've never heard of a street dealer having 'em. Not in my area at least, and I'm in a pretty big city.
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  4. IDK where you live but a dispensary is prob the best place to find them.
    They are fun.
    I used a bong, it was a little hard to break up. But man they send you to loony land
  5. a few dispensaries out here in vegas got them in stock... $60 for a gram though. i'll pony up one of these days and give it a shot
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  6. Here's my take on moon rocks.

    If you get them from some rando person or even from a dispensary more than likey you are not getting high end fresh product. Older bud/older oil/fresh keif. Not all but in general.

    It's cheaper to buy a gram of loud, a half gram of oil, and a gram of keif. Then you can make them to your liking and know what your smoking.

    Moon rocks look good and thats about it. They are freakin messy and can be difficult to handle. I just put some flower in a bowl and top it off with a lil oil and some keif. But if you bust out some moon rock in a group of people you will get attention and sometimes that is fun haha.

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  7. Over rated. Old stale bud with funk.
  8. Kurupts moon rocks are the only real moon rocks I'd purchase. They smell amazing, are fresh, riddled with oil, almost like pulling apart mush, until you get to the center. Find them in collectives, or dispensaries. They drop the price for the older drier packs, burn imo they're still good.

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