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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Leif, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. What's your standpoint on the whole moon landing hoax?

    I think the skeptics make some good arguements. In the pictures, you never see any stars. This is somewhat odd.
  2. It was not a hoax! I cannot stress that enough. It. Was. Not. A. Hoax. :D
  3. Not odd at all.

    The moon shines at night because it reflects the light from the sun. Being on a bright, white surface with lots of dust means you aren't going to see stars.
  4. Yes indeed.

    Here is some more info on the non-faked Moon Landings.


    And from NASA...
  5. I know this is probably some sort of logical fallacy and isn't backed by any other "proof" than common sense... but riddle me this...

    If the United States staged a false Moon landing during the middle of the Cold War, don't you think the Soviet Union with it's space program and public desires to beat the United States to the Moon would have interjected at some point shortly therafter with a reply of, "No, they fucking didn't!"?

    Seriosly, in such a messed up political world... how do you figure there was no international protests?

    I reckon it's because they were watching through their telescopes and said, "Holy shit, they actually landed on the moon!"

    Oh, and the lack of stars issue was because of too much contrast... bright moon, dark sky, 1960's camera technology.

    But I rather wish we hadn't landed on the Moon. It allows us to live under the delusion that we are already an intelligent species when we've got a long way to go.
  6. Baby steps man...

    "thats one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" - That, in my opinion, is the greatest statment ever made.

    Landing on the moon was mankinds greatest and most important achievement as well.

    Humans needed to prove to themselves that it could be done. We needed to prove that we could leave this planet for another. The moon landing is a crucial first step to sending man further out into space to explore other celestial bodies.

    How could we ever hope to explore another planet if we couldnt even succeed in making it to our own moon?

    You cant deny the fact that we are an intelligent species, the only debate is to what extent.
  7. Oh, I get how it has been a very inspirational for Space Sciences...

    But for the realists who have long realized that we must become "space-faring" in the sense that we can either reach another primary with a planet suitable to water-based life or build space-craft/structures large enough to house humanity...

    Launching a rocket with a couple of dudes to a rock stuck in our own planet's orbit was a bit asinine. If still a "Grand Achievement of Intellectual Superiority."

    Then, to take into account how "ghetto" that mission was and how many times the crew almost died out there in space... it becomes a tad less impressive.

    We're still a good ways off from sending a manned mission to Mars... which we already know is just about pointless... other than to possibly find other life on another planet. But only religious quacks are pompous enough to think we're the only intelligent species in the universe. Of course, there other species out there... the goal is to find intelligent life. Intelligent life that we can learn from.

    Considering we evolved into "modern man" ~130,000 years ago, I "believe" we are ridiculously primitive as far as "intelligent life" goes.

  8. Its safe to say that we view this event much much differently.

    To call the mission "ghetto" is just flat out crazy. People like you and I have no idea how hard it is to do something like that. However, I can assure you that its more than just shooting a couple of "dudes" out there to the moon.

    You can point out the fact that certain "crews almost died out there in space" if thats what you choose to focus on, but why focus on such things? I'd rather point out the fact that we were able to send men to the moon and back successfully.

    Its kind of that glass half empty/half full sort of thing I guess.

    The point is that we had to send men to the moon before we could send them anywhere else. We had to find out if it was even possible to land on another celetial body successfully. We wouldnt be sending anyone anywhere if we couldnt even make it to the moon, which is why that event was so important...dont you agree?
  9. As stated, yes.

    But important and productive are not one in the same.
  10. this is what i think; if the government has the technology to go to the moon, they have the technology to fake a moon landing.

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