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Mooky's Trip to Amsterdam * * HQ pics * * "Wild Cannabis"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Emohokaywhy, Jun 1, 2009.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I just recently got back from a trip with my 3 siblings to Amsterdam and wanted to share some of the pictures with everyone.

    I had an excellent time, but I was only there for 3 days. The buds at the places I went to were excellent. Without further ado here they are.

    The first coffee shop we decided to go to was a little place called the Gray Area. It is definitely a little place. I had heard from friends and others that this place was known for having consistently high quality buds and hash. Also, the shop is run by some guys from Cali, so I was rather excited to try some Cali Strains.


    We were all pretty tired from the day of traveling so we agreed that a sativa or 2 was definitely in order. The 2 strains we decided upon were: Super Silver Haze and Pure Equatorial Sativa. I've had SSH a few times here in the states so I knew it would be a good one. I had never heard of the equatorial sativa, so I was eager to try that.


    After smoking these two, were were all feeling very very nice. We decided to take a walk around Amsterdam which proved to be much harder than any of us would ever think.

    Bikers were everywhere! you had to be on your toes virtually every walking second otherwise you would surely get run over. All of us were laughing and enjoying ourselves. Definatley an excellent smoke (probably the best we had there).

    Later the same night we got some Nepali Sweet Cream Hash and I got myself a nice Grolsch (an Amsterdam Beer).


    The next day we hit up a nice little coffee shop called "Dampkring".


    We got a spliff of Jack Herer & a hash spliff to start things off


    After the spliffs we decided to try some G13 X Amnesia haze.


    It was pretty funny because after packing a few bong loads of the G13 X Amnesia Haze I realized I hadn't even paid the nice man. I got up and went back to the counter and appologized for not remembering to pay. Apparently the man didnt even realize that I hadnt paid and was happy I came back. he said something along the lines of "Thanks a lot, most people wouldnt have done that". That made me fell pretty good :hello:.

    After paying I went back to join my brother and two sisters for some more smokeage. Shortly after sitting down, the man at the counter came up to me and have me a free bag of L.A. Confidential. We smoked most of it, so it's kind of a lousy picture. Good smoooooke non the less! and for free too!:p


    Later We ate Lunch and I got this excellent Pizza.


    Sometime that same day we went to a shop called "Bluebird"


    I had always heard people ranting and raving about the strain cheese so we got a G of that. Excellent. I remember the music they were playing sounded really awesome. Cheese is definitley an superb Indica. Me and my brother also ate a space cake before heading to the Van Gogh mueseum, but it wasnt that powerful. We are both heavy smokers, so I think I would have needed to eat 3-4 of them to feel any effects =/.


    The Last day we went back to Dampkring and hit a few other shops. I cant really remeber which buds came from which shops, so ill just post the rest of the pictures here.

    Super Lemon Skunk we got from Green House Seed Co


    I think these might have been from Dampkring


    We got some Ice-O-Lator hash for a pretty hefty price, but ya gotta try it when your there :).


    Magic Mushrooms


    Cant forget Absinthe either.


    For a very long time I've been wanting to get my hands on some Neville's Haze seeds. I bought some @ Greenhouse seeds then had them mailed home. I was pretty worried about them getting confiscated, but I guess I tricked customs, or they didn't look hard enough. I put it inside a leatherman I bought.


    In South Africa we found something the locals call "Wild Cannabis" but infact it is just a plant that has similar effects as smoked cannabis. I found out it is called "Wild Daga". It was growing everywhere. We smoked some, and the effects were moderate. Pretty harsh smoke. I much prefer the sweet Sensi :).

    Erowid info --> Erowid Leonotis leonurus (Lion's Tail) Vault


    Well, I guess thats it. I'm now back home and this is what im going to go enjoy shortly. It's some no name headies. I havnt smoked in ~ 2 weeks so it should be excellent.


    Hope everyone enjoyed!

  2. thanks for all the pictures :)
    sounds like you had a great time

    i'd never heard of erowid, thats interesting.
  3. #3 Guest, Jun 1, 2009
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    a lot of the pics don't work for me dude

    but it looks like a good time, i have to go there some day and just sit in a cafe and smoke hash till my eyes bleed.

    EDIT: nvm they started working... looks fuckin dank.
  4. #4 matteothefart, Jun 1, 2009
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    that silver haze is nice as hell... i smoked silver haze with my friend twice before.....

    it got me pretty high off 2 hits....

    edit: damn after i posted i found 10 more pictures...

    there is some nice stuff up there.....
  5. nice pics man that lemon skunk looks was that absinthe?
  6. great post man! looks like a blast!
    + rep for the pics!
  7. Damnnn you are lucky. I would give anything to go to Amsterdam, except money to buy some weed there :smoking:
  8. Ya i love the dam when i went last summer :p
    I unfortunately never got to try the hash though :devious:
    But you are totally right about it being harder to walk around ;):rolleyes:
  9. Good stuff man. Very, very interesting. I can't wait to go to the dam. Looking at all those pictures just make me even more anxious to do so.
  10. this thread is so epic. :hello:
  11. nice way to sneak the seeds ^_^
  12. How much money did you waist in your whole trip to amsterdam if you don't mind me asking? Very nice looking buds! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip
  13. I want to save up and go how much did the trip/tickets set ya back? Was it super costly or somewhat friendly $ trip?

    Looks awesome glad you had a chill time
  14. DAMN!!! + ReP on the awesome pics.
  15. Looks like you had a good time. I'd love to go to Amsterdam some day and enjoy some cannabis in the (relative) safety of a coffee shop.
  16. i cant wait to vist there... and dude... my dream job now is to become a owner of a coffee shop. damn bro thats a great trip
  17. yo how was the absinthe? did it live up to anything spectacular?
  18. #18 Emohokaywhy, Jun 1, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 1, 2009
    haha yep :0.

    The absinthe was surprising not bad for me at all. I think a shot of other hard liquors like gin for example would do me worse. I wish I could have had a little more to see if I could notice anything with the wormwood.

    Yes you will enjoy it!


    Thank you!

    Well first of all I didnt "waist" any. I'd say it was money very well spent!:wave:

    The coffee shops were rather expensive ~ 15 - 20$ USD for every G.

    We bought many G's.

    but that was the main attraction for me in Amsterdam obviously :).

    A friend of mine was able to go to Amsterdam last year for under $2000 for 11 days. it might even have been as low as $1000. I don't remember =/.

    Thanks! I'd like to get better macro shots though!

    The little digi cams arnt the best for that =D.

    Yes that was an excellent feeling.

    To be smoking a bong and watching people go about their daily city business in front of me.

    I didn't have enough to judge. I just had it so now I can say I've tried it before :p.

    kind of like why you climb the Eiffel tower in Paris. Just one of those things you have to do while your there.

    Yes i think thats is many of our dream jobs.

    Except to own them where we live.

    Not in Amsterdam necessarily.
  19. Bump!

    For my hard work on the pictures!

    Took forever!
  20. im going to amsterdam at the end of this month and these pics looked great

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