Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. love da sig dude:
    "claim to fame : i am digit's cousin !
    proud fact : i aint ever smoked tobacco in my life ! "

    BIG THUMBS UP! and welcome to the city, fellow blade.

    and keep it that way. Tobacco is the most pointless drug on the market. It gets u hooked, you suck up radiation, tar, nicotine and other poisons, fumes from various things you would never consider smoking like potassium, polyester and weird chemicals i could only make up the names of, and other stuff like tiny shards of fibre glass to create tiny lasserations down your throat and in your lungs so that all this other nasty shit gets into yer system faster... and why? for what purpose? to what end? nuthin. a wee bit of a buzz until your body addapts and u no longer get anything but cravings.

    tobacco is shit. worse even.

    Cannabis is THE shit!

    ;) yeah.
  2. *that just made me wanna smoke a cigarerette
    i know, i know
    i am very high now, but i see you smilin :)

  3. oh great! (sarc)

    that's just what i wanted. to give a fellow toker cancer or emphizeema respitory and circulation problems and probably death. excellent. thats the top one of my checklist of goals needing a tick next to it. oh yeah. go kill yerself watha, sure, be my guest! (more sarc)

    sorry. just got one leg over the hurdle of quitting and i'm starting to see the benefits of keeping clean again, and it pains me to see others still smokin that crap.

    so yeah. go kill yerself hun. it'll be a laugh. the kids will enjoy the day out when its your funeral. (more dark sarc)
  4. well now the pain an misery of that just made me want another :p
  5. ah Digit.

    Ya gotta learn to say what ya mean and quit holding back so much!:p

    *deep drag*

  6. Sounds like someone is having a craving for the nicotine.

    I have cut way back. I will quit when the weather breaks. I'm not going to torture my kids till I can get out of the house and work!
  7. ^^^^^^^^What Bud said.^^^^^^^^
  8. I wonder if Highya is with us Smokie?

    You know she has said that she will give them up soon. I think that was back when she took up the habit again..
  9. yea higha will quit again......
    i like the way my hair smells when i dont smoke ;)

  10. btw digit...when you quit for like lets say 3 years, under your bealt then ya got the right to spout. k?

  11. We'll have to see what happens.

    Maybe between the three of us, we can talk each other into quitting!
  12. im quitting when im 25..until then...ahhh

    ciggie goood.
  13. wow, only a few days here and i am a forum tread :) i intend to keep it that way (or add more stuff) i amde a bet with my mate Iain that i will not have smoked tobacco by the end o the year, £5 coming my way :D he said he was gonna force me to when im pissed :) still, it will fail

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