mooglekexin announces his long awaited return (awaited by mooglekexin anyway)

Discussion in 'General' started by mooglekexin, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. hi hi hi !!!!

    'tis good to be back... missed you all !

    i can see you

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  2. Welcome back to the City! :wave: Lots going on, spark one up and get to readin'!! :smoking:
  3. 7 months !!! thats a lot of readin !!!

    have a comedy fat man...

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  4. fatty shoehands there is making me want a glass of orange juice

    (welcome back)
  5. as you can see by this next photo my migital camera crazieness is enhanced when stoned !!!

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  6. eeep, what a useless posts per day... only one cure for that... more photos !!!

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  7. Welcome back, Moogle! ;)
  8. aaaagrh my rumji (by that i mean in no ways do you belong to me)

    missed you i did. there is soo much to see and do. damn school and work r i would LIVE herefor a week or 2 till i cought up on everything
  9. :):):):D


    so kexin... if them two folks in nahamsha get online early enough, and you stay up late enough, and i remains the insomniac i am... ya think we might get a team going on diablo?

    we have cunning plans for a magic team now. a meditation paladin keeping a whole magic team on rapid attack. that means a sorc with no warmth!!! and even a offensive warcries only barb!!! even thinkin about some kind of sick and evil necromancer too! sound good?

    oh yeah... and if i can get my sleeping pattern to sometime compatable i'll be round with Fear & Loathing sometime!
  10. Actually, I have been wondering what happened to you...I think I asked Digit about it on AIM a while back, but I forget what he said...or I was going to ask and I forgot.

    Either way I noticed you were gone, so welcome back!
  11. fear and loathing, i just watched that a few weeks ago for the first time, i loved it.........."never turn your back on a drug!" out........Sid

  12. hehe compatible sleeping pattern

    wekkends are best for me as weekdays are random if i stay in town

    i wanna be a necro!!!

    fun fun fun la la la
  13. It seems wierd welcoming you back when I see you nearly every day anyway, but still, nice to see you back here.

    On a side note, I've just started reading F&L. So far it's every bit as good as the film.
  14. hope to see teh film soon i do

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