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  1. How do you get rid of them? I mean, I will always take the opportunity to smoke with someone rather than smoke alone. But I'm talking about the people that have never bought any and have the money to spend on it. They tell you not to smoke your weed without them and just follow the group around or just wait until you smoke and leave. maybe I just got a few unfortunate people around me, or I sound like an asshole. Either way it annoys the fuck out of me
  2. You can't get rid of them. I have a couple of guys in my apartment complex that seem to always come over when I am blazing up. Sure they can have some, I don't want to say no, but they never buy the shit. They are like stray cats. If you give them milk just once, they will be back expecting more.

    Puff, Puff, Pass!
  3. tell them to fuck off ... in my group everyone pitches ... if u dont have any money this time its ok ... but it is expected of u to pitch as much as possible... or at least match ...

    when they come over to your house or whatever ... dont offer any for free ... offer to match what ever they put in ... if they dont have any ... let them give you 5 or 10 dollars ... or give them the boot .. i hate people like that...
  4. I can understand people mooching if they're smoking for the first or second time, but it would really piss me off if someone always did it. If one of my friends doesnt have any weed, i'll always share, but they always repay me the next time with weed of their own. tell the moochers to pay up or fuck off
  5. i think there is one in most groups and thay dont get the hint so when thay r around i dont get any out but sum of my mates feel sorry for them i get pissed off wiv my mates if thay didnt give them any thay would just fuck off

  6. I feel the same way there sublimer. The only problem is that I pretty much am the outsiders. I was introduced to the whole group when i started to hang out with one of them. Now me and everyone are pretty close. But most of them live together so im not always as involved with the group as i am. Out of 12 people (I say twelve because thats the number of close friends that could come over at any given time, since we pretty much hang out at the same house every night) So out of those 12, It's ALWAYS me and three other specific people that throw down. And they've never said anything about it. dunno why though.
  7. we had a bunch of people who used to do that. we solved the problem real quick: next time they come over, either hide your stash or don't have any. if they ask, be like "no, man i don't have enough money to get a sack... unless you go in on it with me?" or, tell him "hey man if you ever want any of your own stuff, or want to go in on a bag i have a sweet connection."

    we started telling this one guy we didn't have any weed ever (we took a "break" haha) because he would come over all the time! with friends we didn't even know, who expected to get smoked. it sucked. we sadly were smoking behind the guy's back and in our bedroom only so if he showed up we wouldn't really get CAUGHT. he never comes by anymore, gee!

    BUT... i had a friend who always would go "who wants to go in on a 20sac with me? i got 5 on it." he expected the other person to go in 15, but see he didn't have a job @ the time, and he was a good guy, so really.. we'd smoke it together, and i never minded because his company was worth it, and he was always really grateful. i think if people are in rough times and they're good friends i wouldn't MIND if they mooched off me during that time, as long as they didn't take it for granted. <3

  8. yeah, i have this one friend who has no money EVVVVVVEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!

    but I smoke him all the time, cuz hes like my best friend, and he tries hard to get bud to sesh me back.

    he got 700$ a while back and bought an o and smoked it all with me to sesh me back, which I thought was well worth it.

  9. Hell yeah :cool: . I think if someone smokes an ounce with you in one session, i dont think it'd be right for anyone to complain about a bowl here and there. :smoke: .
  10. some times people know there company is worth its weight in weed. i have alot of friends i smoke out just because i like there company and good times that follow. trust me some moochs can really work it!!
  11. yeah, i had a friend who was a real moochie, but i said to him that if he doesn't pay for atleast 2ounce, im gonna tell ur mom hehe. the guy flipped and kept on buying for a few and then we kept on buying equally. good settlement
  12. yeah man i hate ppl liek taht.. my good toker buddy used to mooch off of me all the time for like almost a year but now hes starting to buy so its all good. Just get them to pitch in with you or some shit.

    a friend with weed is a friend indeed.!!?!!?@@@@!#$!@#$
  13. the other night I was at a friends house and me and 2 other guys got some dank herb and just about 4 of us were smokin and then when some of the other people got back from a beer run they just come in and start smokin and they didnt go away. So me and the other buyers had to share with over 8 people it sucked, but it was alright because the rotation was fucked and I kept getting the pipe passed to me every other person so I got really fucked up. But what really pissed me off most was that I smoked all my shit and the other buyers only smoked one bowl combined between the 2 of them. There is really no way to get rid of them but just smoke a little with them and make them think all of it is gone then when they leave the room smoke the rest.

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