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moochers are thieves, don't let them into your house.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bongin Shaman, May 20, 2010.

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    whenever he used to come over you could just tell he was there just to get burnt out.

    the funny thing is, i would see him and be like "oh.. devins here.." and go about my buisiness

    ignoring him, and just wait until he finally left hjahaa.

    everyone smoke a joint NOW.
  2. what a complete dick man i hate people like that!!!! u usta know 2

    where gona call them casey an james

    they never stole weed from me cause i never had any lol just recently started buying (friend usta smoke me out all the time he was the shit sadly he is in jail now)

    any ways ok i usta hang with those to for about 4 years just recntly told em off

    so b4 i knew james casey an me usta be perty tight till she wanted to hang all the time (fucking ate all my damn food and drank 99 percent of my drinks) any ways she would ask me for gas money almost everyother day (even tho she hada job) so i would be a good friend an give her some cash then boom i didnt here from her for a year A FUCKIN YEAR any wais so she comes over an wants to hang wouldnt you belive she was having fuckin problems an needed somone to talk to i thot nothin of it an helped her (all i really rember from those days) o yea she also got pissed everytimee i would smoke weed even tho she usta herself

    then i meet her bf he is perty chill till he finds out i have a 360 boom suddenly that is the only reason he would ever come over somtimes i would randomly come home an find him playin my 360 an my food would be fucking gone my drinks would be gone when he would spend the night all we would fuckin do is play online matches (did i say we i ment he) i would just have to sit there an fuckin watch any ways so every other fuckin day he would threatin me that if i ever touched his gf that he would kill me (i was sittin there like WTF i never even thot of doin that) any ways they would leave my room a fuckin mess pop spilt all over the fuckin floor steal my fuckin smokes probly stole about 200 packs worth over a span of a year hell i was out a batterys for my 360 remote an this damn kid tore apart my house lookin for some then made me go out an buy a pack

    all an all those 4 years i think i am out $450 usd probly out more then $2000 usd in food and out more well over a grand in smokes an out 200 usd in cleanin suplys

    well i am glad to be rid of these to shithead users :D now im chill planin on hangin with a few new stoner buddys (ones even a chick this time):D an plannin on chillin with my bud after he gets outa jail (dont know if he will smoke agian tho but whateve he was da shit):smoke:
  3. those two guys need to chill the fuck out. what.

    im so stoned i dont know if i can any more of a response.

    so stoned.
  4. they do needa chill lol (i was the fuckin bad guy to when i told em off got a call from casey she was ballin her eyes out all i could do was laugh once i hung up) gota txt from james an he was sayin i was bein a lil bitch over all this just told him he was the bitch an i am sick of this shit later)

    an all good i know how it is responding to stuff blazed:smoke:
  5. Devin is a cunt.

    "I get weed all the time, I just give it away."

    I would've responded with: "Oh really? That's awesome, GTFO and comeback if you want to throw in."

    If you said that, he wouldn't have had the chance to steal shit in your room.
  6. damn dude alteast brake his laptop lol i would pay to see this (also throw a brick threw his window wita message on it that would show him to be a peace of shit to someone that showed him respect for so long)
  7. they are leeches. leeches. leeechesss
  8. your making the good point there bro.
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    I wouldve gone for the joint to calm my nerves after that one, thats some fucked up shit. Although he probably wouldve pulled a dick move and used tobacco as filler.

    Shit bro I wouldve kicked em both out lol, unless she was a serious friend which doesnt sound like she is if she treats you like that.
  10. no need i was taking fat bong rips
  11. lol for sure (altho i woulda took devins joint man just to see his damn face when i kicked his ass out)
  12. It's at this point where I would've said, well, if you've got a problem, then I don't have to let you smoke my weed, and wouldn't have smoked him out again unless he matched. I've learned my lesson when it comes to moochers, and don't tolerate that shit anymore. That's the one good thing about this whole ordeal op, you (hopefully) learned something from it.
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    truth bro. truth. we stopped smoking after that.
  14. yeah dude i know a guy that always comes around when me and my friends get tree, its annoyint as fuck
  15. dont burnn people out like that if theyre like that.
  16. Kid sounds like a straight up goof.

    I've got a question for you guys though...
    I've completely slowed down my weed smokage, because of personal reasons. I planned on never smoking again, but sometimes my friends would just be like "lets smoke a j". And to me it's kind of...disrespectful, in a way, to say no (kind of like when someone offers you a beer). They know I don't have any weed but they ask anyways.

    My question is though... should I say no? Sometimes I feel that THEY think I'm moochin, cause I never pitch down because I straight up don't have any, because I have no reason to buy it. BUT, it's not like I'M asking them to blaze me. Sometimes I'll just be sitting around and they'll pass me the j or bowl, but I know that it's kind of proper sesh circle etiquette to pass the bowl to everyone, even if they didn't pitch.
  17. just ask man if they do they will tell you tell em to be completly honest tho an tell em how ya feel an they will tell ya the truth if they do an if they dont it will only make em respect ya more for bein a good guy
  18. just dont become a devin.
  19. anyone who comes around consistently without throwing in is suspect from the get go. I wouldn't have trusted that guy in my house without a trustful pair of eyes on him constantly. People like him don't need to be smoking period because they don't have their priority/responsibilities in check.

    fuck all that "break his..." this or that. don't do anything. don't associate with this guy anymore. anything attention you throw his way is giving him an opportunity to stick his foot in the door way. next time you see him just tell him "i dont' want to kick it with you anymore because you have been disrespectful and dishonest" then number out all the bs he has done and be like "sorry dude you fucking blew it. I'm not responsible for your getting lifted. get the fuck out and don't come back"

    and if he comes back point a gun in his face and say 'dead men can't talk, so you wanna die as a burglar? or continue living as whatever the fuck you are?" people shouldn't have to put up with and thus enable behavior like that. in this world you gotta pull ur own weight and you can't keep riding on others' shoulders because you're too weak to stand on ur own.
  20. I would have opened the door, asked to see the joint, taken it from him, planted a kick square in his gut, and close my door.

    The end of Devin.

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