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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gamekiller29, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Hey i have a friend who i smoke with almost every day and it seems like im the one who is always supplying the weed. I was wondering if i should cut him off or start charging him, but if i did i would feel bad espescially since i buy my weed from his older brother.:confused:
  2. tell him you arent going to smoke with him unless he starts chipping in, simple as that.
  3. Tell him he needs to start pitching in or matching you bowls and if he wont do that cut him off and only smoke him out when you feel like it, thats what i do atleast lol.
  4. Wait, his older brother is a dealer and he comes to YOU for weed?
  5. Try not to be too rude about it (Not that a mooch deserves better :p) Be firm but nice (no homo) Just be like "bro I can't keep smoking you up like this, we're in a recession."
  6. Weed is all about sharing and getting everyone high, but after a while that shit can get annoying. Moochers can be dealt with two ways. Either you can make them supply half of the pot, or charge that moocher half of what you paid for the bag that you will smoke.

    If all else fails, smoke with someone else or smoke alone. Hell, I love smoking alone probably the best.
  7. I'd just call him up and be like "hey man you wanna smoke?" and when he says yea just be like "ok, I only have a little bit you think you could match me?" and if he says he can't then just be like "oh alright sorry bro but i don't have enough for both of us." make sure if you do that though you put some in another bag, you don't wanna tell him that then pull out an eighth haha.
  8. Is his company worth the price you'd pay for the weed he smokes with you? None the less, if he's a true friend he will be willing to pitch in a few bucks.
  9. Yeah man, awhile ago, me and three friends dropped some tabs and we were lookin for weed, but it turns out i was the only one with cash, so we met up with this kid who knew a guy... he did the running, I gave him 60 for an 8th, and then we get back to my friends place.

    He starts rolling a blunt and is about to roll up like half my weed:mad:!

    I just met the kid, so i told him yo fuck that, let me pack my weed into my bowl.....

    Yeah basically I can't stand the type of people who never buy weed, claim they are not a pothead, but when someone is burning it up, they always weem to hang around....

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