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  1. So do you guys have any mooch or weed fiend stories. I will start out with my story.

    (This was a couple months ago)

    So there is this person who is notoriously known to be a weed fiend in my town. She happened to be with my family member who was giving me a ride to my friends house. So once I got in the car the weed fiend/mooch says tell (my friends name) to roll up. I immediatly said no and that was that. Then she started calling like 15 people and asked all of them to either front her weed or smoke her up, like she literally called someone and told them to roll up. Then she said "today has been so wack like my only motivation to get out of bed was to smoke weed.". Now right here is were I started laughing because of how much of a fiend she is for weed. Then when we get to my friends house we need to get a blunt but we didnt want to walk so we asked my family member for a ride up the road to the corner store. Then the weed fiend says we will only give you a ride if you smoke it with us.(Let me add in its my family members car to make decisions not the fiends ) but anyways once the fiend said that we said no again . Then the fiend has the nerve to tell my friend to roll up.

    After all this I was left in shock of how bad of a fiend people could be for weed. In all honesty I will have more respect for a crackhead than a person who fiends for weed.

    Anyways after reading my long ass story do you have any stories to share about this, if so post it because I think its interesting to read about mooches....
  2. Say fiend one more time.

  3. Fiend.
  4. Thats pretty disrespectful.
    Anyway, my story: It was the last week of high school, I'm a senior, and everyone knows I smoke the best in my city. I hop in my car and start to drive out of the parking lot when this kid runs up and gets me to roll down my window. He asked for weed, without even saying who he is or anything, and worse, he wants it for free, and can pay me back later. First of all, thats bullshit, school is done with, I wont see him again. He said one of my friends told him to come to me since I had a few grams on me. Now this is my personal stash, my birthday was coming up, and I even had to tell him that to get him to stop begging. I was saving it and it wasnt for sale. So here I am 30 minutes later, wasting gas, sitting in the hot Florida sun with this kid still begging. He asked for a tiny nug and could pay me $2 for it. I kept telling him no, but he was so persistent. Freshman of course, if I forgot to mention. THEN after finally getting the point, that I will not waste my time selling to this pussy creep fuck, he has the nerve to ask me for a ride home! AND to smoke him out. He was seriously acting like a fiend too, talking so fast and stuttering, like bitch get off my car
  5. I was chillin with my friend once and he walked 4 miles into town just to get a bag of mids.
  6. sounds like that girl has depression or something. if weed is your only motivation then you need to change your lifestyle.
  7. Is she hot? If so smoke her up for a BJ, she is a fiend afterall.
    After the part with her saying "Only give you a ride if you smoke us up" I would have just walked out and told her that she wouldn't ever be smoking my ganja. If she happens to end up in a session then okay but then act like a fiend for money.. DON'T STOP.. Teach her a lesson. :p
  8. Not attractive at all man, even a BJ from her isnt worth smoking my weed with her, well maybe.
  9. Where I work, we had this server... She was the definition of dumb blonde. Anyways, her boyfriend literally knew every time we were smoking without them (because they never shared with us). I hate moochers!

    Anyway she got fired for being a dumb ass.
  10. Ok I got the perfect example of a fiend. In my stoner circle there is a guy named Dan. Almost 20 years old lives, lives with mom and never has money. The perfect candidate for a fiend. Well as it turns out every time we would leave my friends house to pick up we would return to find Dan sitting in his car out front the house completely out of the blue. He gets out and says "hey guys wana smoke?" we already know where this is going. " I don't have weed or money but I brought chips and salsa to match" he looked sickeningly genuine and fully beloved
    That his "chips and salsa" would allow him to slither in to the 12g smoke sesh. Well he
    Got in and proceeded to smoke merrily for a few hours and then after the sesh busts out the chips and salsa which nobody seemed to want in the first place and then FIEND them all to himself allow no more then 2 or 3 lightly dipped chips to escape his fiendish grasp in a manor that at the level of cashed I was on terrified me. And from then on he was forever referred to as "smoke down Sally"
  11. When I used to live in New Mexico, me and my friends would always go to the local rec. There were a couple of blaze spots that everyone knew about and used frequently. So one day, me and my bro go and we find like one or two friends to come blaze with us. We are on our way to the spot called "stoner's wall" when this fiend was like "blaze me bro" and I was like "sorry man I don't got any". He asked me every fucking time I went and sometimes I would blaze him. He NEVER matched us or even gave us a couple bucks. That's when I would always tell him no, no matter how much he begged.

    Other times when I'd go to the rec, I'd ask one person to blaze and then 1-2 of his friends just fucking invite themselves acting like I'm gonna share. Fuck that. I don't mind sharing, but I have to ask YOU, not the other way around. It's disrespectful. I got to the point where I just quit bringing bud period.

  12. Holy crap thats a terrible thing I wouldn't wanna see when I am about to burn down. Dude really said I have salsa and chips to match........but how did he know you guys were getting bud?
  13. [quote name='"Smokin Bonesz"']

    Holy crap thats a terrible thing I wouldn't wanna see when I am about to burn down. Dude really said I have salsa and chips to match........but how did he know you guys were getting bud?[/quote]

    Well i had been smoking with him for 2 years directly offering smoke downs then just stopped inviting him but he knew our schedule and smoke spots so well. He has done sneaky things like this plenty before. One time he got really crafty and called one day mid sesh (quad just starting so he had time to come over about an eighter in) so he calls saying he will bring .5 and 10$ well he shows up. I'm high as fuck and the bastard walks in with his old dorm friend Avery whom I have never met let alone made aware he was coming. and this is the kicker AVERY Then says "Dan said you wanted to match I only got .5 but here's 10 bucks to." and then it hits me. Dan brought a dude to match us actually bringing nothing of his own, fully aware it Would get Him into the sesh. He had once again fenangled his way into another sesh. Smoke down Sally had struck again.
  14. Oh man oh man Smoke down Sally is a schemer trying to get in on a sesh with someone elses money. Thats some funny stuff man.

    Once the same person in my original post did something so stupid only a fiend would do. So lets call the person im talking about K. So K said she had 10 dollars to get on a blunt, we pick her up and she gets the blunt second. She took probably atleast 8 hits then it was my turn, she passed it and the blun was canoed 3 inches down the blunt and it wasnt even smokable. Then she only ended up having 8 dollars. The things people do man.
  15. [quote name='"Smokin Bonesz"']

    Oh man oh man Smoke down Sally is a schemer trying to get in on a sesh with someone elses money. Thats some funny stuff man.

    . The things people do man.[/quote]

    Ya he's done plenty more equally crafty and fiendish things to. And what really gets my horses going is when he would RARELY pickup like a dime sack or some sorry shit and then would try to match my eighter joint or something. Or when he would pick up and he would absolutely refuse a smokedown to me but you best believe he would be there when I get my next zip and just spit excuses as always.. God i wish I could be more confrontational
  16. I know a kid who swapped a bike for .7g
  17. I know a few. Real fucking weird breed.
  18. I know a guy, not too bad of a fiend but way too dependent on weed. Never had a real job, sits at home most of the time smoking. He can't really go anywhere without blazing first, and if it's going to be a few hours has to take bud o smoke, even if it's risky. He gets halfs and tries to serve but he barely knows people to sell to and smokes a good amount, so I'm guessing his gf pays for his bud a lot. She also pays for food and drinks and shit when on the rare occasion they go out. Dude is an old friend of mine but when I started to think about all this shit I'm just kind of question his motivations, like all he really cares for is the weed.
  19. The person does not sound chill at all man.

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