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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bermanator, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. anyone on here from montreal? i'm heading up there on vacation soon and i was wondering what the bud situation was like? i know canada has great bud but will it be easy to find...? a friend and i are going up alone so we don't know anyone we could ask.
  2. I live in Montreal.

    It is pretty easy to score some weed around here. Some people on the street might even offer you some. I never buy on the streets anymore but you can just walk downtown and score some.

    Keywords: Métro Berri-Uqam, Rue Saint-Denis Street.
  3. i live in kitchener i kno a good place to get sum good shit,leave a wallet downtown with like $200 in it and i'll get u like 20 grams and leav it in the same place,i'll get a 13 yr old boy to pick it up for me(i cant go downtown,cops)then i'll get him to leave it in the same spot if u want

  5. minitoker, pure genius

    hahahahahahahahha okay man... ill make sure to leave a wallet with 200$ in downtown mtl with some sketchy kid from online. i hope you're kidding.
  6. lol

    ive been to whistler, and ill tell ya.... theres no way NOT to find weed, so if montreal is anything like bc (lol?) it should be easy

  7. i was lol wat do u think i am stupid hehe im a geius lol

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