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Discussion in 'General' started by navymmw7, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hey Everyone!

    So this summer my friends and I are going up to Montreal from Thursday June 21st-Sunday June 24th, I decided to post on here since I wanted to ask a few questions for those who are familiar with Montreal.

    1. First off we are staying in the Delta Centre-ville, is anyone familiar with this hotel? can you recommend any good places to go to which are close by?

    2. Most importantly, how is the weed and the prices? Where is the best place to find good weed? Also would you recommend smoking in public? We can't smoke in the hotel since the windows don't open so we are unsure about where to smoke.

    3. Any Bars, clubs, etc... you can recommend?

  2. You should have a wonderful time in montreal. If it's possible, I highly recommend you stay 'till the 25th and go to Quebec for the St-Jean Baptiste. Its our national holiday and it's a mega party at Quebec city. Prices for weed in montreal should go as :
    [M39] 1g/10$ - 3g/20$ - 7g/40$ - 14g/75-80$ - 1oz/120-140$
    [DANK] 1g/10$ - 3g/25$ - 7g/50-65$ - 14g/90-120$ - 1oz/140-200$

    I don't live in montreal myself but I've heard good things from a bar called "Les foufounes electriques". Other than that I know the montreal raver scene is pretty big, just look online and I'm sure you'll find something that suits your interests. Anyway, I wish you a wonderful time in our beautiful province.
  3. The St-Jean Baptiste party in Quebec city is on the 23rd so you could make it (2h15 drive from Mtl). There is also a big party for the St-Jean at Montreal.

    As for the bars in Montréal, Foufounes électriques is a nice place, there's also Bistro à Jojo and Le Sainte-Elisabeth. Have a good one! :smoke:

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