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Montreal Canada!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by CanadianKushMan, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I've been stalking the Grasscity forums stash jar for a while now and I've finally decided to make an account, join in and share some of my pick ups! :cool:

    Attached Files:

  2. Look like some good nugs. Nice grab's.
  3. I'm in 514 as well and once you find that good hookup, it just keeps getting better and better. :D
  4. The third last picture is nearly perfect, looks dank af!

  5. Haha yeah, thats some Jack Herer bud according to my dealer :smoking:
  6. Cool, all my weed comes from Montreal too.
  7. I think most of the weed around Montreal comes from small grows that people have in their houses. The quality is great once you get passed the M39(eww) and you find yourself a dealer that you can trust and that sells dank.
  8. 514 represent lol

    nice pics btw :)
  9. 450 rep ,good stuff to go around here other then m39 thats forsure
    good stuff
  10. 514 rep right outta the west! Hahaha nice buds homie!

  11. I've come across M39 a couple times (its terrible lol) but you're right, once you get good connections which is very easy to find here you'll have smooth sailing!
  12. Jean Guy...nuff said

  13. Haha i feel ya man, jean guy and jack AAA are common where i live. I love the 514 :smoke:

  14. I actually just picked up 4grams of Jean Guy :p

  15. Nice man, post some pictures up! I might pick up tonight too so there might be some more pictures on the way
  16. Oh how I miss jean-guy
  17. jean guy .... jack herer.. ak47,marleys collie, grapefruit, kush, king kush and a lot of other strains ... all come from mtl and is dank as fuck ;) I think marleys collie is the best, a lot of purple specks on it and the high is amazing I never got other buds that kiffed before :)

    I can get better buds (for a lot more money per oz) from vancouver which is all triple A but prices in mtl are the best

  18. Yeah Montreal does have the best prices and BC has the best kush (for Canada anyway). I had this one connection during the summer that came from Vancouver and he brought a looott of weed. The two strains he would get me were Master Kush and Oasis, Master kush is my favorite strain i have smoked to date. Everyone here goes crazy for BC bud! Nothing like some beaters :D
  19. yeah me too organic master kush triple A is my favorite kush but it was like 105$ the 7
    (thats a small amount but price doenst get really lower even for a lbs lol)

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