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  1. What is the yield per indoor plant per month? In other words, how many grams/ounces/pounds can I expect on a regular basis from one plant AFTER IT HAS ALREADY MATURED?
  2. you cant veg/flower in 1 month. most people do a 3 month cycle if you want to break it down into thirds then i suppose you can get a monthly yield count. also remember it has to dry and cure for about another month..
  3. Thanks. I'm a beginner at this.

    So after a 3 month veg/flower cycle, how much ON AVERAGE can I harvest from a single plant?
  4. It depends on the strain of the plant, the lighting you're using, the soil, whether you are fertilizing or not, how large the container is, whether it was stressed during growth, etc. etc.

    This is not really a question that someone can give you a concrete answer on, even with most of the variables known.
  5. What if we assume we're using the "best" strain, "best" fertilizer, "best" soil, and "best" lighting? What is the absolute maximum yield per 3 month cycle? What yield amount is completely impossible?
  6. As far as ve heard you can get about a pound per plant at the very best, if you really put some time and effort into those babys. I mean like, no seeds, trimming them daily, monitoring the lighting constantly got max resin production nd growth, and giving them fertalizer at just the right times. That's just what I heard though, and I've never grown, so while my word is kinda good you should really wait till someone with more experience confirms it.

    ALSO... When you harvest you cut the plants down, right? So how could you harvest more than once?:smoke:
  7. 1/4 to 1 gram per watt of light. From what I gather, 1 gram per watt is like you're doing everything right.

  8. What? You mean that people should just shine more lights on their pot?

    ... Stupid joke.:smoke:
  9. No I mean, the yield is directly proportionate to how much photosynthesis occurs during the plants life cycle. More photosynthesis, more plant. More light, more photosynthesis.

  10. Yes... But if there is less light and a slightly colder roo. Then your plant will produce more resin to keep itself warm, meaning a kore potent plant, and I would rather have a couple grams of some really potent shit then an ounce of some poor quality.:smoke:
  11. Whatever you say man.
  12. Dude this a bad and a noob question. You really need to grow and find out what YOU-CAN-YIELD. There are so many varibales to this that I couldn't begin to list them all.

    Do yourself a favor and look through the past posts. They will help you understand.

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