Month old midget

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Druggerdude, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. I have ad this thing growing for about a month and it is like an inch tall. i was told to re-burry deeper so i took it out of the shitty soil i have after the first 2 weeks and burried it in the fertilizer soil that an old dead tomato plant i had was in and it is still only an inch tall. plz help
  2. maybe its time to get urself some decent soil?
  3. no i put it in some good soil this was a mex seed tho and it was smaller than my first plant that i started too early and died.
  4. well its getting about 9-11 hours of direct sunlight cause its outside all the time but inm the mornin trees block the sun also in the afternoon for about 30min-1hr. i put about 2 table spoons water in e very day. also it looks weird. i saw the pics of your greg and well those to round leaves arent at the bottom they are 3/4 the way up the plant and they are also lookin like somethin took a big bite of em. i also topped the plant twice so its growing three sets of blade leaves.
  5. no, no cam got broke and my web cam takes worse pics than ur cam

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