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    My question resolves around the approx. growth a plant will do in a month. I know there are a million factors that play into this but let's just say.
    1- I keep feeding them high nitrate with phosphates becoming more and more into the feeding as budding approaches.
    2- plenty of light outside.
    3- plants were pruned 3 times
    4- one is 12ft the other 10ft and both are very bushy. the distance around both is about 50ft since they have grown together

    I have right now 2 braces set up that they have outgrown so I am adding a 3rd and using the netting. I want this one to be the last but how high do I put it over them to grown into the support without getting 2 high or again to low and the buds aren't supported enough.

    An educated guess is all I can ask for. The plants are sativa.

  2. To make that educated guess we would kinda have to be there or at least a pic would help. It's hard to say man. I'd wait till it crowns and then throw the net on top. The stretching could surprise you
  3. According to what you're describing on the 4th bullet point these are gonna be monsters lol. 50 feet around with two plants? You can expect the ten footer to stretch to like 15 plus
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    I just posted in the media section haven't learned yet how to embed an image from the media section. When I try it gives me a warning spam thing.

    The T post you see 1st is 12 ft the middle one is 14ft the back one is 12ft. I have 2 wood post next to the girls that are 11 ft and bent PVC piping that creates a bowl over them. The 1st PVC is hidden the ones you see are my send, the 3rd is the T post to figure how to save the buds.

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