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    Hey all, just a couple snap shots of the bud I am patiently waiting to smoke.. haha :p
    Can't wait to harvest, few more weeks yet. This was just bomb bag seed I grew right from the ground up inddoors with cfl/windowsill (natural sunlight mix) ;)
    I got 6 of these females all with similar size buds, I left them in small pots just because it is for personal use and shouldn't be growing these in the first place  :smoke:
    Nice fresh skunk smell, really frosty, sticky on the fingers after giving bud a gentle squeeze.
    [​IMG]                     All plants natural soil, water, no nutes.

  2. Enjoy your half quarter haha
  3. Half qtr of some dankity

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    Dried you'll get about 3 to 3.5 grams out of that and it's not gonna be that dank lol Respect for trying tho. Any fellow farmer gets respect from me no matter how big or small the grow. A little more light, some nutes, a fan and some bigger containers and you'll get a lot more out of your next run. You should consider a stealth box if you wanna keep it small and personal. Your own little grow lab. Plus, it will be better not having it in your window ;)

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