Month into CFL grow. giving us more hope =]

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  1. So this is the beginning of a new grow for me this year and is about the fourth of fifth time I have grown indoors now. I have been reading a lot the past month on this website and its very useful. I decided to post some pictures and whatnot to get some feed back on the condition of my plants and maybe some advice. This is my second CFL grow and I am using A LOT more lights then last time.. or lumens I should say. I try to use around 2,000 lumens a plant until I start to flower. Now I am about to switch to about 4 to 6 thousand lumens per plant. which is about eh 80 watts per plant in CFL . I have nine plants growing right now and I am installing some vanity lighting in my box to get around 20,000 lumens for the nine while flowering(keep in mind). anyone have any comments on that? please let me know.

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  2. they look nice but your gonna need more lighting per plant i believe. around 100-200 watts.
  3. i agree, your gonna need more light. everyone knows or atleast everyone should know that along with more lumens comes more yeild.
    youd probably get something with what you got now but im sure its not gonna be what you hope itll be........
  4. There is a chart floating around that shows the actual lumen output of CFL, MH and HPS lights... CFL's do NOT put out the lumens your calculations are based on. This is why everyone will tell ya - you're gonna need more light.

    I would say, with the amount of plants ya have, man up and get at least a 400w HPS. A single grow with one of those will pay for all of equipment purchased.

    Just make sure your expectations are set right - with CFLs you're lookin at a very low yield unless ya use a ton of high powered CFLs. If that doesnt matter to ya, and a 1/4oz works every 90 days, then go for it. But my guess is no, that just wont do.

    Save and pick up the HPS - can get em fairly cheap on the web. Ya wont regret it.
  5. Yea your gona need to add more light for that many plants.

    I've had pretty good results with cfls, using 42w cfls for veg but planning on getting a 600w tho.

    I start out w/ 2 42watters over each plant and up it as the grow, currently have 12 over 3 plants. I picked up one of those vanity light bars, 36" x 6 bulb and the got some Y splitters. I bought the cheapest light bar I could find, got it online for $12.

    They work great as long as you increase light thru grow

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