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montego bay, jamaica

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dime bag dan, May 16, 2010.

  1. #1 Dime bag dan, May 16, 2010
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    hello, i will be vacationing in jamaica in early 2011. i have a few questions.

    1. on a scale of 1-100 how easy is it to score weed in montego?
    2. is there any plantations or farms i can visit in the area?
    3. will i be too late fort the jamaican growing season?
    thanks in advance
  2. 1) It's Montego Bay, not Montegro
    2) When you go to Jamaica, be very careful - do you know anyone there? I've heard a lot of stories of people wandering off where they shouldn't have been and getting into a lot of shit...
  3. ok thanks fixed it. what kind of trouble?
  4. people getting mugged..
    getting beat up, attacked...

    girls getting raped... that kinda thing.. disappearing with strange men, etc..

    everyone i know who has been to jamaica says to stay in the touristy areas unless you have someone you trust that knows where they're going to guide you
  5. Missionaries getting murdered....
  6. people getting their heads shrunken...
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    This site has a lot of useful information for people traveling to Jamaica. In my opinion I wouldn't smoke while in Jamaica, I would just enjoy your vacation, have a few drinks and wait to toke until you get back on North American soil.

    Good luck! :bongin:

    EDIT: I'm stoned and forgot to add the link, here it is:
    EDIT again: And if you're from Canada here's the link to our government advisory for Jamaica:
  8. Its everywhere, no worrys mon. You'll be asked by all; the best will be at the beach of your resort.
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    TYPICAL tourist idiot. don't listen to this dumbass, your not going to get raped or killed. just use your better judgment as you would anywhere. you should have no problem finding weed. it will come to you. try and find jamacia

    Name-calling isn't allowed here bro, please read our rules before posting again. You could have easily made your point without resorting to calling names. ~AK~
  10. When I went to Jamacia, it was impossible NOT to find weed. Everyone will ask you if you want to "have a good time".
  11. When I went to Ocho Rios, rightt when I hopped off the ship I got 'harassed'!!! Lol, the herb grows everywhereee there man. You can literally find it on every street lol. Buy from dreads though... if the persons a bald head he might be a undercover cop! :eek:

    & if you go on the Bob Marley tour in Nine Miles, then they'll let you take pictures in their gardens and shit lol (for a special tip of course lol)
    & it's never too late... no matter what time of the year you go, there's always some sort of herbs around lol :hello:

    Have fun!!!
  12. having a rough morning or something?

    watch out everyone, internet tough guy is a little pissy today
  13. it's........Jamaica. :laughing:

    "Island in the sun"......"Smile, You're In Jamaica".....ring any bells? :p

    If you can't find herb in Jamaica, you must be Hellen Keller. but then again, she could probably find the herb by smell.

    sorry, high rant LOL.
  14. I was there, less that 5 years ago. I needed weed something but bad. So, what I was told worked.

    If your in a resort, ask the front desk to call you a cab, .. your usually OK as they know your in a high priced resort, *( I was at Sandals ) so, go to the cab, and ask him to get ya weed, but, bring a Buddie with.

    The weed I got was a tad seedy, but still got me stoned plenty ..

    Its really your call, that is weather or not you want to take a cab ride.

    Your a lot safer than you think, its places like Mexico that I and many call Savages, ..

    best luck, n, have a Blast man .. .. .. :)

  15. Yeah, I'm an idiot and a dumbass because people die while on vacation and I urged the OP to be safe.

    So Far About 700 People Have Been Killed In Jamaica This Year Murders prompt warning to Jamaica tourists -

    The Jamaica Star :: Tourist injured in robbery ::

    Jamaica Gleaner - A dim future for Falcon Cottages - Sunday | September 21, 2003

    Tourist killed during Jamaican burglary -

    I guess my advice is worthless you know, seeing as how all of those stories must be FAKE.

    Also, OP I found this - it looked a little dated, but it may help - offers some safe tips for traveling in Jamaica

    Jamaica Crime Risk Advisory for Tourists
  16. im goin early/mid of 2011 for a wedding lol. just tryin to get in foriegn country sketches me. like say u get busted then wat? ive seen that show locked up abroad lol
  17. thanks everyone for the help everyone. those statistics are on the whole country though, and from what ive heard from tv, internet, magazines, ect over the years is that jamaica has really nice parts and really, really bad parts. but thanks for the heads up weedsandbombs
  18. no prob man - can't be too safe.

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