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  1. Sup guys, I've been an avid smoker for quite a few years now, made an account here a while back and finally decided to start posting. Anyone on here in the eastern MT/western ND region?
  2. howdy, welcome!
    not i but,
    i will come kick it
    with you if you've
    got the space lol.
  3. haha there's plenty of room here man. ony bad thing about this area is that weed ISNT popular at all. all the stuff i buy comes from the south and i usually only have a chance to buy once a month x(

    i love living out in the middle of the country. got a few acres all to myself. i considered growing but i dont have the money right now
  4. I live in Billings and there is no shortage of weed here man... just move to the city big boi ;)

    We have medical shops here... that get you dank... for 200-280/oz depending on who you know... 300/oz from the fucks :devious: Or just get your card yourself (i need to do that since this law shit isn't happening i dont think, Judge totally blocked like all the main problems of the law)

    Just picked up 22g for $160 today part of the $480 2 oz my friends and i pitched on.... delivered from Bozeman... so you live near Glendive? Miles Shitty? Sidney? Which crap montana town haha... Billings is as far east as i will ever go... no reason to go any further :p

    I usually dont get deals that good... but when you're the middle man youre pretty much in charge... whenever i get from my peeps here in billings it runs me 35-40/eighth, 60-70/q... 125-140/half, 200-280/oz... depending on if it's homegrown, low quality medical, high quality medical... who knows lol. Usually it's 10/g so yeah just add decimals to the price and you got it lol. ;)

    Here's the Dank i smoke on man
    Montana's Famous Silver Tip
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    Looks like I need to make more friends in Billings haha. I don't know anyone there though except my brother and he's straight as all hell.

    I don't want to say where I live exactly, but the weed situation has only gotten worse. I used to be able to get dank medical for about 15/g and now all you can find here is mids for 50 an 8th. Maybe I just don't know the right people, idk man. I'm taking matters into my own hands though.

    Not sure how medical is doing here in MT, I haven't been keeping up on it other than seeing raids in the news. And I thought that law did pass and getting your card was going to be a hell of a lot harder.

    I should really get around to that if the laws aren't more strict.
  6. The laws are much more strict and severe... DUI-D laws for patients now and shit. Im not becoming a patient any time soon... i can tell you that much. Just not worth the $175... :eek:
  7. Woot! More from Phour oh Sicks
  8. Psyents, where you from again? We gotta have a Montana Toke Sesh... there are a lil gang of us. haha. Montana from Tokecity needs to get on here too... he has the best bud i have seen from this state. Same with all those private growers on thcfarmer... holy fuck.

    Just a question, did anyone elses prices jump after SB423 passed? I was getting $700-800/qp in May-June then after the laws every caregiver in the area upped prices at least $25-30 for an oz. Went from 250 to 280 here in Billings... and then my buddy from Bozo started offering me $800-900/qp... sometimes i can get em for $700 when he yields hella... $1200/half, $2200/lb as well.

    Im not going to go brag about prices since people are apparently getting annoyed of that... but im just irritated that our mmj laws changed over night and made some caregivers/providers become greedy... however not my personal connects. I love my 200-225/oz prices from my buddy who grows himself or his provider.
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    So I guess the law did pass then? From what I read awhile ago care givers are only limited to three patients now? Not sure, the montana norml website is messed up currently.

    Anyways, I hope to move to either Billings or Bozeman some day, and maybe my wishes will come true haha.

    Till then I'm just going to try and find someone with a card. This area has gotten so sketchy lately though..
  10. welcome to the site. I'm from Montana myself so its cool to see another member added to the forum. smoke on
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    pretty jealous of you westerners, picked up some brick the other day ~_~


    honestly better than most of the stuff i see around here :l
  12. I moved to eastern Montana a couple of months ago. Man there is nothing out here. I'ma goin crazy!
  13. tell me about it ~_~
  14. Dam that sucks cuz i live in the canyon ferry area and there is dank everywhere. easter MT sucks western ish MT rocks

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