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  1. I have no clue what to do in Montana to get a card. I was just wondering what steps to take?
    Anyone with a card from Montana that could help would be perfect.

  2. Nothing. Registering is a bad idea. The greedy few ruined the scene.
  3. yep, i was thinking about getting my card since im sort of tired of going through my friends that are patients... and now that sb423 is going to pass and be enforced i am not even going to attempt to get my card... even though i could easily get it :smoke:
  4. I was in Billings like a month ago. Got some LSD. Was dank as fuck.

    Whats this sb423?
  5. Yeah we have some good drugs here in Billings though i only smoke weed... btw can't talk about other drugs now lol.

    SB423 is a ridiculous restriction bill... ill link you
    HIGHTIMES.COM > Montana to Shut Down Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

    Where you from in MT? or you from Wyoming or North Dakota or some shit? haha
  6. ^^ poster was probably talking about barneys farm lsd. Its a strain of weed
  7. yeaaa... i thought about that for a second haha... we always have great strains.
  8. Im from Billings. Live there off and on. But currently living is south dakota. Im back in MT frequently though.

    And yea. Lemon Sour Diesel. Not actual LSD.
  9. tight tight, im from Btown too! I would love to try some Lemon Sour D... right now i got Super Lemon Haze and it's dank. You should check my stash thread... shows the dankest buds billings offers. :smoke:

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