montana decrim

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    thanks for linking this. not sure how many people here are from montana, but this is great news. Hope it passes because if not I could lose my federal grants for college. I'd have to pay them all back if i ever get busted atm

    Could this get stickied please?
  2. wooo go montana!!
  3. spread the news to any other montanans and get word to senators and house reps. lets get this shit through
  4. going to post the part about decrim on
  5. Anyone know when this will be decided on?
  6. i cant quite remember but i believe the senate one passed its first vote early/middle of last week, and i dont know when the house is gonna vote. im sure you can google news it or check norml and something will say. i might do that right now
  7. the house will have testimonies for and against it in march, after that is when it gets voted on i believe. and the senate bill has passed both votes so now its goin to the house

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