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  1. have you ever questioned your mental state? i mean i've jokingly said i was crazy countless times, but the other day, i saw something that seriously questioned my sanity.
    i was walking to class, middle of the day, sun out and everything. and i happen to glance over and i saw what can't be explained by any other word excepty monster. it was about 40 or 50 ft away. i'm guessing it was shorter than me and i'm 6 ft. it was sorta hunched over and its skin was a dark greyish purple color. it appeared to have a mis-shapen head and shoulders. the hair was long down the back of the head and it looked to have a horn or horns, but not like devil horns. more like a goat or ram or something. i only saw if outta the corner of my eye at first, then i turned and looked again. it was still. i dunno if i would call it clothed but it was wrapped in something that covered most of the body. i couldn't see feet, but i could see long fingers dangling out from under this robe thing it had on. the face was either hard to see or it was severly mangled or something. i couldn't even do anything but stand there. it eventually turned and looked towards me and then just casually walked away and turned down an alley. i wasn't sure if i had just seen what i thought i had. the rest of the day i was just in this disbelieving trance. its now 2 days later and i still can't put it outta my mind and i'm starting to wonder if it was really there in the first place. i wasn't high on anything at the time. i haven't done that many hard drugs in my life so i don't think my brain is damaged or anything.
    i dunno why i'm posting this, i didn't even bother to tell anyone i know. i mean i plan on going back to the same spot tomorrow and seeing if i see it again, but i doubt i will.
    am i crazy? do monsters really exist? could this have been some stupid hoax? or is it possible this could have been a seriously misfigured human or something?
  2. deffinately a purple purson with horns and no feet, its not like that would be uncommon or anything:rolleyes:.
  3. you on acid or what
  4. werent on any drugs when you saw this thing? nice, its great to be able to naturally hallucinate like that, with out having to spend money on drugs to do it for you.
  5. I see monsters too, but I am crazy.
    thats why I pack a gun.

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