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  1. To anyone who remembers me, sorry I've been gone for the off season. I'm stoked to see what I missed and what everyone has going this year. Well anyways here's what Ive got started so far... just some bagseed ive had for a while.


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  2. update... lookin good so far. im leaning toward this one being an indica dominant. growing tight
  3. newest pics

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  4. Cool, how many days from seed?
  5. lol sorry, left my laptop at a buddy's house and been procrastinating to get it. I planted on 5-15 . This one is ready for a transplant now, Ive since started 3 more. Purple Ak, Grand Daddy Purp, and Bigbud. Ill be posting some more pics soon. so strap on your seatbelts and get ready for a ride haha
  6. looking good buddy..... will keep checkin in on this,,,,,,,cheers :bongin:
  7. u should keep it in that pot a little while longer, so u get a bigger cluster of roots. Ive grown plants that big in solo cups before with minimal binding.

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