Monster Penis

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  1. While most men would love a huge cock poor Dave had a 20 inch monster that no woman could handle. Fed up with no sex life he resorts to visiting a witch who tells him that if he asks the Frog In The Forest to marry him his dick will shrink 4 inches. Our hero decides to give it a go and sets out into the woods.
    A little later he comes across a big pond in a clearing in the woods and calls out "Oh Frog In The Forest! WIll you marry me?"
    "No" comes back the reply and to our guy's astonishment his dick shrinks 4 inches! He looks down and thinks it's still a bit too big so again he calls "Oh Frog In The Forest will you marry me?"
    "No" comes the reply and our guys looks down with excitment to see that his dick is now an impressive, but smaller, 12 inches. He still thinks it may be a bit much for most women so one last time he calls out "Frog In The Forest! Will you marry me?"
    "No, No, NO!" calls back the the frog "are you deaf or something?"
  2. OH OH OH

    That one could kill a man. TOO FUNNY!
  3. ROFL!!! omg... that's sooo funny.
  4. i would of been happy with the 12inches, thats some funny stuff
  5. That is the kind of luck I have.

    Remids me of another penis joke.

    A man is on the beach when he finds this magic lamp.
    He rubs the lamp and a gennie apears.

    The gennie says for freeing me form this lamp I will grant you three wishes.

    The man said for his first wish he wanted more money than he would ever be able to spend in his entire life.

    Poof he had the money.

    For the second wish he wanted a new house with all the women he would ever need.

    Poof he had the house and women.

    The man thought about his third wish and smoiled then said I want my dick to touch the ground.

    Poof the gennie cut off his legs!

    Talk about having a bad day!LOL

    AND IS THE FROG KERMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. damn you stoned like woah!
  8. kramit the frog lol if u guys wanna here some funni shit download stoned on sesaem street on kazza or morpheous its fukin halarious lol

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