Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U)

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  1. Does anyone play Monster Hunter? Its one of the funnest games I've played and I recently purchased the Wii U (awesome system by the way) just to play this title. I'm also enjoying nintendo land and Zombiu but I'll save that for another thread.
    Monster hunter 3 U, like all the monster hunters prior, has a pretty unique and fun battle system. Up to 4 players at a time, online and offline.
    This review is kinda *meh* but it'll do.


  2. I was going to buy this, but decided not too. Is it worth it? Is it too complicated?
  3. Definitely plan on buying this soon. Just got my Wii U the other day!
  4. If you want a difficult but fun game get DK Tropical Freeze. 10 times better than New Super Mario Bros U
    I stopped playing NSMB games after the first one. The second one was garbage.
  6. Monster Hunter is an awesome series. I loved Tri on the Wii. When I get a Wii U, I'll be getting this for sure.

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  7. Hell yeah, HR 7 with over 300 hours logged into this game. Everyone who lives in my apartment plays it.

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