Monster Cropping Results w/pics

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  1. I've seen a lot of people ask if it's okay to take cuttings/clones from a plant that is already flowering. Here is my proof that you can; and that monster cropping does produce some very bushy plants with unique branching. All cuttings were taken 24 days after the 12/12 flip (12 days after showing sex). They were then put into a DIY Bubble Cloner filled with dechlorinated tap water and some drops of superthrive.

    Here is exhibit A in a DWC bucket.
    MM c1.JPG

    c1 monster crop.JPG

    Followed by exhibits B-D in organic soil.
    MM c2.jpg

    c2 monster crop.jpg

    MM c3.JPG

    c3 monster crop.jpg

    MM c4.JPG

    c4 monster crop.jpg

    These plants have been producing alternating leaf sets rather than the usual pair.

    Comments/questions/internet high fives welcome.
  2. That's one bushy-ass plant!

    Internet High-Five! :hello:
  3. what is monster cropping?
  4. Seems more like a clone result thread than a super cropping thread if u ask me!?
  5. Cuttings taken after flowering begins.
  6. Learned a new term. lol.
  7. This is a clone result thread. This is also my first time cloning and first time monster cropping. I did it because I didn't want to clone any males and basically too lazy to clone every plant and sort em out later.

    But I just wanted to spread the word on monster cropping. NOT super cropping. IMO, one technique or the other needs a name change.

    Oh and I put arrows on one pic to point out some double branching from the main stalk.
    c1 monster crop.JPG

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the cuttings took about 10-14 days to root.
  8. Word, theres so many different variations for the same thing, I thought u meant super cropping, which thru me off!

    Congrats on ur first clones man!
  9. Well done. What are your plans for them? Mothers? Training? And how long has it been since they've rooted? Have I run over my question allotment?
  10. Kudos that is sweet my friend just brought me a O.G. Kush plant that has prematurely flowering it actually looks like the charlie brown tree thats what we call it I was wandering if a floering plant could be cloned so thanks again for sharing.

  11. The cuttings came from a bagseed plant that is about 1 week away from harvest (which is my first grow). They have been rooted and vegging for about 3 weeks now under some CFLs (only 200W actual for the ones in soil. 100W for the bubble bucket.) When their mother is harvested, I will put them into flowering and see how they do.

    For training...I'm undecided on whether or not to try a SCrog or let these bushes go untrained just to see the results of monster cropping without the assistance of a screen. I'm leaning towards au naturale.
  12. Looks like they will need some training.
  13. I'm still interested in seeing this monster as it grows. Have any updated pics? :D

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