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  1. I have five clones I took from a blackberry kush in week three of flower.

    I have a 3x3 with a Mars Hydro TS 2000 and they will be in 3 gal fabric pots.

    I also have a scrog net. My questions are:
    Is scrog the best way to go, or would it be better to just grow them the way they are?

    Should I LST? Top, etc? I’ve never had clones successfully root, and I just had five out of six take from flower lol.

    I need all the advice and guidance you can give. Much love.

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  2. From my experience with monster cropping, it takes quite a while for them to reveg. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you could start training them to branch out more and then scrog them. If you leave them to do their own thing, you'll more than likely just end up with a large main cola. Just be ready to have your patience tested. Good luck!
  3. By training to branch out, are you referring to topping? And, if so, would you top the one in the pic yet?

    And I’m afraid to ask… why will my patience be tested? I’ve done a little research, but never had hands on experience with these little goblins.
  4. Topping is an option, but I was referring to bending the top down to allow the lower nodes to become tops. As for why your patience will be takes flowering clones a while before they revert back to the veg cycle. You have to understand that you took a plant that was thinking it was preparing to reproduce and was sending out hormones to the very branches you clipped to do so. Now that they are rooted, those hormones have to revert back to making the plant suitable for reproduction ie flower and that takes time. Again this is just my experience and what I've retained from from those experiences. There's plenty of info on GC to be found about monster cropping and I highly recommend doing a little digging cause I'm just a peon and really can't offer anything of weight other than personal experience and everyone's situation is a little different.
  5. Not sure I would top it early tho. I personally would transplant it, let it revert back to veg while doing some LST. You usually know it's back to vegging when it starts growing normal looking leaf again. Once it's back in veg, then I would decide if I want to top or super crop or whatever.
  6. My indoor plants are in netting by week 4 or 5 in Veg
    Cloning in week 3 of flowering ? isn't kind of pushing it ?
  7. i have plenty of experience with those no need to top them really just let them grow but bury that stalk deeper so the first set of leaves are almost in the dirt then give them 18/6 and when you start seeing 5 bladed leaves you can either grow them longer or flip them to flower the nodes will need trimming they will get thick
  8. it is pretty common to lolipop on week 3 of flower and instead of throwing away the branches some choose to attempt rooting them the whole process is a fun endevour to try at least once some of my biggest yielders ever started as monster clones
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  9. I always try to keep a mother plant in veg to clone off of.
    I have mother plants that are 4 and 5 years old
  10. Thank you! Just what I was looking for! So with 5 of them in a 3x3, it’s going to be very crowded, isn’t it? And they are thriving!!

    I am in the hospital. I had an emergency surgery; will update with new pics in a few days.
    Do they work well scrogged? What would you guys recommend for the growing method?
  11. Flowering clones are the best. With the mad branching they are great under a screen. My avatar is of a grow I did yrs ago. 5 plants in a 4x8. Flowering clones overgrow a box or tent fast. Controlling them is highly

    Many folks top a plant and that's fine but I don't believe in topping a plant. It halts growth for repairs. Why do that when all ya have to do is bend her over. Ta da! More bud I've crushed main stems to get a larger plant bent over. I'm pretty brutal with them but I don't halt growth or remove potential bud sites unless absolutely needed.
  12. i love your avatar those are textbook monster clones
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