Monster Crop? Over Scienced ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by marwin, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Hello All. I'm Marty and new here and new to this form of horticulture.

    Most of my plants look "normal" but one of them is doing something strange and I dont know what to think or do. I think it was growing buds and now is growing stuff out of the buds ...

    The plant is question is pictured here ... that is her on the railing about 2 months ago and the new pics are her now ...

    any ideas what is happening >? were those buds before -- they looked like them.

    I think I may have over scienced this guys with my newbieness as you may see with the wiring i had her hooked up to.

    I appreciate any guidance or help

    The plant is very smelly and sticky to touch - when i cut off the yellow leaves the scissors clog up ! :) ... hmmmm

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Pics not showing up....?
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  3. its revegging. Needs a strict 12 hours of darkness all the time.
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  4. It's 'RE-Vegging' for some reason....Has the lighting hours / dark hours been messed with somehow ?
  5. yes probably messed the light up when i moved it outside about 4-8 weeks ago.
    What do i do with it ? were they buds ? Should i just trim off ALL the leaves ?
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    Just let it grow a little longer...It will make new bud sites...Old buds are history...

    You will need to do some pruning later,but not yet...
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  7. ok ... thanks much ... ill just keep cutting off any yellow leaves .. and see what happens then ... i was starting to think it was a male or something perhaps different ... her SISTER grew those funny leaves too for a bit at the same time but i put her in the ground and she is looking wonderful ... this poor little one though :) .. hehe..

    Will the old buds definitely be garbage at the end of everything ? ... you cant smoke the old ones if they get "too old" ? or they just wont develop into smokable weed ? (they are so smelling and stinky .. seems like a waste)
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    They will die off as the new growth takes over, and there won't be much ' meat ' on those anyway...As they dry up, you can pick them off if you want to,though.
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  9. is this a really bad thing ? or could it produce just as much this way >? any experience ?
  10. Not really a bad thing, but it will need to be managed well...When that happened to me, It grew out SO many little skinny branches, that it gets REALLY thick...If you don't thin it out,It'll make a zillion buds,that wont get very big, but still a LOT of decent smoke....The WORST thing about it is, that it takes several more weeks to finish ,due to extra veg time required....You just have to watch how it goes, and flip it back to 12 / 12 when you think it has enough new bud sites developed.
  11. Appreciate it Budmiser !
    All the best ... maybe ill post here how she grows up :)
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  12. Do you have space indoors to let it grow a little bigger, under 18 / 6 lights ?
  13. Im confused.....on the 3rd and 4th pic....what kind of leaves are those?
  14. I am on this topic atm... in my mind and rooms. I think if I just leave 4 mains vs. if I leave 20. Yes the buds get bigger if I only have 4 mains..... but I realize that 1) this may not always be true, and 2) I am interested in really good bud and the buds that grow at the tips, at the canopy, and receive direct light are normally the best. I don't need a 'big bud' other than showing it off. I've decided I want chunky nuggets. Also, in the past, I've grown huge buds from one plant (check me media albums), but idk... stuck on the fence with this one. I suppose something like this works. I should have done a better comparative photo shoot, but didn't plan on this.
    In the end, pruning helps a lot, but massive colas... not really.
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  15. That happens sometimes when plants reveg. It'll throw out single blade fans at first.

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  16. Thank you......I did not know that
  17. Here is another shot this morning -- i cleared a bit away to see what was going on
    There is definitely new buds forming at the tips with the little tentacles.

    But here is my QUESTION:

    There were some pretty BIG buds that all this stuff is growing out of (well my first grow and they feel thick and big and sticky etc..... What happens later as I wait for the new buds to these in terms of the THC for smoking ?

    Wouldnt they still just dry up like they would if picked and still be good later ?
    or ... if you leave them on too long they lose the THC or just GO bad in some other way >?
    or ... is there a chemical process that makes these older buds not smokable ?

    Just learning ... any feedback or wisecracks are welcome ... its all in fun and KnoWLedGe.

    These buds I circles (the first ones) seem so big and nice .. but (at the same time .. maybe they don't look like they are supposed to ...

  18. Monster cropping is when you take a clone during flower. The clone grows funny at first but turns around and grows normally. I do monster cropped clones. That is not what's going on here.

    Your's is revegging. Your new pic isnt working for me

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