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Monster Blunt Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Scorps, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. I surely can't be the only one here who likes to smoke the biggest blunts I can roll can I?

    This thread should be used to post pictures or stories of the massive blunts you've smoked in the past.

    My contribution:

    A friend and I had about a 3 hour drive from Duluth back to our town, making the perfect oppurtunity for a blunt of massive proportions.

    We picked up a few phillies from the store and what came out was one of the biggest I've ever smoked.

    Since we started with this one 2 days ago, I've smoked 4 blunts around the same size, and stayed pretty much CONSTANTLY blazed all day :smoke:

    Here's a pic of the first one on my scale only moments before we got on the road and sparked it

  2. congrats on the beauty, fat blunts all day!!! I have no pics, but next week me and my friend are gonna smoke a 3.5 gram blunt to celebrate our plant harvest:smoke:
  3. 2.5 with the blunt paper is not big, no offence.
    I roll anywhere from an 8th to a quarter of dank in blunts.
    On 420 I rolled an ounce blunt with wraps.
  4. I'm not claiming to break any records here, but I know that's damn near 2g of straight bud. I've seen bigger for sure, but between 2 people, even just a 2.5g can have you struggling to finish the blunt before you get so stoned you forget how :p
  5. haha i feel you on that scorps. I got a low tolerance and a 2.5 between two people would have me silly, so I dunno what 3.5 is gonna do, never smoked that much
  6. I wasn't trying to come off as a dickhead.
    I'm the biggest blunt lover worldwide.
    About 2 weeks ago right when I woke up I took an 8th of dank to my dome, strawberry dutch. =D
    I love to roll fat blunts. Grape + Strawberry Dutches, Green + Peach Games, Grape and Strawberry Swishersweet Cigarillos.
  7. lmfao 2.5 is considered a lot for you americans? Not to brag or be arogant, but in canada 2.5 is a regular sesh for two people if we're smoking a blunt or spliff.
  8. Me and my homie are gonna roll up some fat blunts with some northern lights and grape swishers, We'll post pics once we do.

  9. So where are your pictures or contribution?

    This post isn't meant to be a who can smoke the most type contest, it's just supposed to be an open spot for people to share pictures of blunts they've smoked, or tell tales of them.

    I don't really care who smokes how much where, I just wanna see the blunts
  10. well then you're just gonna have to take out the grape and strawberry swisher ciggarillos. they aren't made for big fat blunts. maybe about a gram and that's it.
  11. ill be adding a slew of pics soon
  12. haha 4 of my fiends and i smoked a 10 g blunt on 420, a double dutch grape and strawberry soo good
  13. Bigger than an eigth is kind of a waste.

    1.5-2.0 fits perfectly in a dutch, so that's what I stay at when I sesh with people.

    By myself, I'll take a wrap, take an inch off and put about .8 in it and it's a nice little personal blunt.

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