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  1. hi all im new here and was only wondering is monster bloom good for flowering and would it be my best choice for soil plants after 7 days of 12 / 12 i can start to see that all the plants in the soil are female and wanted to start fertilizing with good bloom nutrients, any help is greatly apreciated

  2. anyone????????? please help
  3. Hi there.

    Im from Ontario too! In my first grow, and I have been looking for a flowering fert. Never heard of monster bloom. I use Miracle Gro Ultra Bloom 10-52-10, and it seems to be working really well (but only at half strength - full strength will burn your girls).

    I don't think the name of your fert is important, it's more to do with what balance there is between the nutrients. For flowering, you want to go with a high middle number i.e. 10-50-10, etc. Trace elements are important too, like magnesium, iron, and copper.

    Whatever you do, be very very careful when ferting. The darn plants will dry and shrivel up if you give them too much of a good thing. Just a very light watering at 1/4 to 1/2 strength every other week will produce nice buds. If you go higher than that, you may get bigger buds, but you run the risk of losing everything. I just up the ferts a tiny bit every time, and even at that, I have managed to burn off 1/3 of the leaves. I learned my lesson, and I fert at 1/2 strength every other week. My girls are looking great and ready to chop in another 2-3 weeks!
  4. don't use monster bloom yet! wait until you see buds and there is about 3 weeks of solid bud production left. i used to use it but found that although the buds are bigger they are airy and not dense. try to get "awesome blossoms" by technaflora and serve it up throughout flowering. if you use the monster bloom be careful not to over do it. hope that helps.

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