Monsantos Fucks Up More Shit

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mutiny90, May 28, 2013.

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  1. Read and shared for whatever its still worth
  2. not fucking surprising....shared
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  3. Where is it shown Monsanto did it?  Fucked up shit comes from the government and it doesn't even need a reason.  Marijuana laws is an example. Get some perspective.
  4. I'm just worried about what Monsanto is going to do with pot once it's legalized... Boycott monsanto, liked and shared
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  5. their above the federal government, so you cant really stop them anyways
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  6. Yes you can !! Get that negative shit out of your head
    Monsanto is the devil
    You think they don't know the gmo decreases fertility?? It's a plan in action
    And they are getting caught up in the act

    Almost 2 million people from 40 countries marched to boycott Monsanto on Saturday

    Monsanto will end
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  7. You guys have been playing in the deep end.  Did you actually read the article?  Where does Monsanto come in?  Is it because some of the bees were Roundup resistant?  Get some objectivity. It's like anti-Monsanto people have their fingers in their ears saying la la la la la.
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    why would they care if bees are round up resistant?
    You have to look at all the dominos in line bro

    Sb 510 makes it illegal if they want to prosecute , to grow your own food because of the risk in spreading disease .

    Bees are responsible for a majority of fruit pollination

    Round up is known pollute ground water

    Ill be in the deep end bro
    Support your local farmers markets
    I grow a majority of my own food
    All organic
    Also round up is a weed and grass killer
    Why would it matter is bees are resistant
    Did you read the article? Is a better question
  10. Nothing better than organic homegrown agriculture image.jpg
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, seriously, but doesn't what is excerpted above mean that if they wanted to plant something like, oh, say HEMP they could with no legal action from the Feds? If they did, they'd own a monopoly in the U.S.
  12. Thanks for bringing some intelligence to the thread.  You spelled every word correctly.  I can hear the la la la la la from here.
    Need i say more? When it comes to Monsanto - Thats all there is to say. Do not try and turn this into a Grass City Spelling bee.Fail
  14. I saw this on facebook about a month ago, yeah its fucked up. Fuck Monsanto corporate pigs
  15. Ya and fuck carrots
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  16. goddamn orange bastards
  17. HA!!! i was skimming over the 'Box and i saw this thread and didnt realize what Monsanto was, in my head i was all like, "Monsanto? Who's this spanish bastard and what's he done? Sonofabitch!"
    what animes are in that music videos? I know one of them is GITS 2. But the others?

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