Monsanto and Bauer trying to take over the cannabis industry

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  1. Not again. But if they ever develop a super cannabis seed, I'm in.
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  2. It will only be a matter of time now that they are allowing some research into cannabis.
    Large Corps already buying all the patents they can on any and all cannabis future meds.
    Fucking bastards
  3. well, since its still a schedule 1 drug there can't be any state sponsored tests, but I'll be damned if the worlds biggest and richest seed company couldn't afford it!
    This should scare everyone, to be honest. ask a farmer how they feel about monsanto.
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  4. What are they patenting that you can't make for yourself? And if you can't make it then it doesn't matter if they patent it or not, eh? I guess I just don't see any reason to stress over this.
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  5. I believe testing is being done behind the Governments back
    Look at the research all of us have been doing right here in the City
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  6. They are locking down on meds that the average person will be to lazy to make them sleves
    This is my belief
  7. I just want it to be legal so we can grow it like any plant
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  8. Is Monsanto sending in troops to take out my crops ? No? They can shove their weed, right into a couple of my jars if it's any good.

    People worry too much, 2018 is around the corner. Cant wait to get licensed with DOA CalCannabis Cultivation :smoke:
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  9. so this isn't the whole deal here. Monsanto effectively has killed off regular corn seeds and soy bean seeds, ect. They are all GMO now. That means they are splicing in genes, ect, that make the plant resistant to a certain blend of weed killer. Then, they make the only weed killer on the market that will work, and flood the markets with it. Do they force it on everyone? Maybe not literally. But if you are using corn that is not genetically modified in this way, but using the most popular, cheapest and "best" weed killer, you aren't getting anywhere. Not to mention, monsanto has also SUED farmers who used regular corn seeds to plant, when they were downwind from a field of monsanto seeds and supposedly pollinated them. Monsanto sued the farmer with the regular seeds, into oblivion, lost everything. This is a story that has played out an awful lot recently, with special interests winning over the individuals freedom.
    The big worry is that monsanto will do something, be able to get a patent on a marijuana strain that is GMO to their liking, then essentially push out all the other, natural, stuff. Buy off all the competition. Then you have no choice by to use not only monsanto seeds, but also their soil, their fertilizers and their lights.
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  10. Those big companies can't get rid of all the bagseed and strains already in existence. We could boycott their products and still get high.
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  11. Perhaps they would make a spider mite resistant cannabis seed? As I remember it the farmer used corn from his Monsanto crop to replant the following year, something he signed a contract not to do. He may have tried to use the excuse of it being pollinated from GMO corn up wind. Do you have something that can back you up on that? If they did develop a mite resistant seed and the buyer signed a contract to not produce seeds from their cannabis crop I still see that helping the growing community. And as far as I know, which isn't very far, they aren't even working on a cannabis seed. Perhaps you have a source? Something that isn't just paranoid pot farmers freaking out over maybe's?
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  12. It will be modified to not be breedable.
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  13. Is that what they did with their corn seed?
  14. I believe a lot of plants are feminized so you can't breed your own.
    I've wanted to buy male cilantro seeds but cannot find any.
  15. sure
    Monsanto sued small famers to protect seed patents, report says

    theres way more if you really dig, monsanto is pretty fucking evil
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  16. That doesn't support what you claimed. You said Monsanto was suing farmers for planting regular seed, this suit is about farmers replanting seed from the crops they planted with Monsanto's seed, something they signed a contract stating they wouldn't do. Also you said Monsanto makes the only weed killer on the market that works with their GMO seed but that weed killer is now available as generic. But this thread is about cannabis seed and where does any source show Monsanto is even working on cannabis? They say they're not and if they were I think we'd know by now.
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  17. You can still breed with only females if you use colloidal silver, all the seeds that you get will be feminized too

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  18. Agricultural Giant Battles Small Farmers

    Today, Monsanto's patented "Round-up Ready" soy commands the lion's share of the genetically-modified soybean seed market, its genetic code manipulated to withstand the company's popular weed killer.

    But the promise of fewer weeds and greater production comes with a hefty fee. Farmers must sign an iron-clad agreement not to re-plant the harvested seed, or face serious legal consequences - up to $3 million in damages.

    Monsanto Has Sued Farmers For 16 Years, Never Lost A Case | Food Democracy Now

    Monsanto Wins Lawsuit Filed By U.S. Organic Farmers Worried About Seed Contamination | HuffPost

    Monsanto filed 144 patent-infringement lawsuits against farmers between 1997 and April 2010, and won judgments against farmers it said made use of its seed without paying required royalties.

    Many U.S. farmers have said their fields were inadvertently contaminated with Monsanto’s biotech seeds without their knowledge. The issue has been a topic of concern for not only farmers, but also companies that clean and handle seed.

    as you can see, monsanto has sued numerous people, and NEVER LOST A SINGLE CASE. Suing farmers who have planted regular seed, but monsanto says they have contaminated their gmo crop with cross pollination, or saying that farmers corn, which was regular, was pollinated by the GMO corn, therefore, the original farmer was using the GMO corn without permission and without paying their royalty.
    Maybe I was a little unclear....

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