Monogomy, is it real?

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  1. So? watchu think bro?
  2. "hell no"

    and yes this is reptar reporting
  3. It's real. We made it real. Any dream that you dream together ceases to be a dream, and becomes reality.

    In nature, no, humans are not naturally monogamous. In society, some are, just look at your Grandparents.
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    actually humans are naturally monogamous as a species. although males will always look for other mating opportunities to improve their reproductive success... human children are so dependent on parental care that it would only be possible to raise offspring with the help of both parents (non monogamous relationships cause most, if not all the care to be taken up by the mother). some interesting theories have been given that tie in monogamy to human evolution, such as our ability to walk on two feet (as opposed to four) was actually a result of males looking for gifts (such as cool looking rocks, food, flowers), to give to their partner (to strengthen the monogamous tie). also, some scientists believe monogamy selected for our ability to speak. with speech, we were better able to make deep connections with our mates, and therefore better able to raise our young.

    anthrobio major, yes monogamy is real and has had a large effect on how we evolved as a species.
  5. I've studied the physicality of it, I'm more curious about the social aspects, as newer generations are undeniably more sexually open

    good thoughtful responses tho
  6. In practice, it can be obviously. Mentally, I think people will always have at least some degree of attraction to more than one person.

    But I'm no anthropology expert, so take my opinion with a grain of salt :D
  7. Some, everyone's diff bro.
  8. Yes. Under penalty of domestic abuse under the bro code.
  9. I personally don't believe that monogamy is the way to go. Neither does my boyfriend. But I know soooo many people who try (and some succeed) to live that way. Good for them I truly hope it works out for them. It's just not that way for me.

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