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  1. I am getting results back tomorrow to check if I have mono or just strep and so I was wondering, would smoking be a good idea if I did have mono, I dont own a vap.
  2. From personal experience, I wouldn't. When I had mono I wasn't smoking yet, but my throat hurt so bad I could barely swallow and the prescribed me Demorall. So i doubt smoking on top of that would make the situation better.
  3. Thanks for advice, turns out I dont just terrible strep and stuff, would it be okay to smoke with strep?
  4. iv smoked when i had strep and it seemed to help alot. felt like it opened up the passage ways alot more and almost numbed my throat so i could eat
  5. Ahh yes I noticed too, thanks for the posts guys.
  6. Yeah dude... Toke up
  7. Lol I was in the process of my medicine right when I sent last comment, it does work, but god damnit I got cottonmouth like you wouldnt believe.
  8. Blaze it up man, I had Pnuemonia recently and it definitly helped with the coughing.

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